Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Who put the BS in the BCS?

One of the phrases you hear all the time in Sports Talk is "East Coast Bias." Basically it refers to the thought that the Northeast (we aren't talking about the east coast of South Carolina), that The Yankees, 76ers, Patriots and all the teams from D.C. through to Boston get disproportional coverage. And maybe they do.

But not in college football.

No, there's a Gulf Coast Bias in college football. Or a West Coast Bias. Or a Great Plains Bias. Anything but a East Coast Bias.

How else to explain the fact that even though the Boston College Eagles go into Blacksburg on a Thursday Night, beat Virgina Tech, ranked 8th in the country in front of their home crowd, and all the praise they get is Lee Corso on ESPN College GameDay, saying "Oh, I'd rank them 5th because, I guess they're undefeated."

Or the fact that Collegefootballnews.com has them ranked 7th in the country. Behind such perennial powerhouses as 7-1 Missouri, who's biggest accomplishment is beating 24th ranked Texas Tech at home. And behind Oklahoma who beat Missouri, but who also lost to 5-4 Colorado.

I remind you, Boston College is 8-0. No losses. Not one.

In 2005, Boston College and Florida State both ended 5-3 in the Conference Standings, with BC totaling a 9-3 record and Florida State ending up at 8-5 overall.

Florida State went to the Orange Bowl in Miami. BC went to the MPC Computers Bowl. In Boise, Idaho.

Where, by the way, they beat hometown favorite, Boise State, ending their 31 home-game winning streak.

Before the Virgina Tech game, most of the analysts said BC had to prove themselves. That despite all the hype of being a no. 2 team, a reality check was coming; that they probably would get whupped by a tough Virginia Tech defense in front of the Tech home crowd, so stop complaining, BC, and enjoy a nice number 19 ranking next week.

So, all BC did was hold Tech to 10 points, score 14 points in the last 2:07 of the game, and beat a team favored by some to go to the BCS championship game.

Well, I guess that's good enough for the 2007 Meineke Car Care Bowl.


CowboysFan said...

We have talked a lot about the BCS and all of its problem. How do we solve them? Short of scrapping the Bowl Series and having 64 schools competing like in basketball, it never seems like it will ever be fair.

Too much money is tied up with all the Bowl games for them to scrap it.

P-Cat said...

Like you said Cowboysfan, I can't see there ever being a college basketball type Madness scenario. Money rules and there is too much of it in the current system.

That said, I think college football likes the current system. Debate and intrigue only makes for more ESPN discussion, more controversy, and ultimately more interest.