Monday, November 5, 2007


Hard to believe on a day when Drew Brees passes for 445 yards with 3 TDs and no interceptions that he doesn't get the Stud of the Day award. That of course, has to go to uber-rookie Adrian Peterson. 296 yards rushing from scrimmage—a new NFL record—gets you the award. Watching him in Oklahoma as a freshman, it looked like a Peterson was a man playing with boys. It's amazing, here in the NFL, it still looks like that.

Other Transactions:

Watching Chad hug Kellen Clemens before the game and cheer for him on the sideline goes to show you again, that Chad deserved better than what he got.

Let's here it for Larry Allen. At age 35 and at a very generously listed 325 pounds gets himself an interception, something most Jet corners can't do.

Anyone see Julius Peppers of late? If you have, let me know.

Seriously, 1.5 sacks (all against the Cardinals, too)? I know his team is imploding a little, but really, for a guy of his talent to have 26 tackles and under two sacks all season....

The first time I see Mattingly in Dodger Blue, I am going to shed a man-tear.

Carson Palmer...Poor Bastard.

I'm really glad Tony Romo got paid. By all accounts, Romo, who rose from deep, deep obscurity to quarterback America's Team, is a good guy who plays the right way, and deflects praise.

Why is cars turning left the number one most attended sports event in the country?

I think Kellen Clemens did some good things out there today. His ability to improvise was nice (a little bit like Tony Romo), but he did overthrow some passes. However, nothing I saw made me think he won't grow into a nice QB.

That said, I am starting to get worried about "Brick". Our left tackle had two penalties and isn't showing the dominance required of a no. 4 pick.

This offseason is going to be the most important one for the Jets for a generation.

I'm glad Tony Pena is staying with the Yanks. His coaching—with Posada in particular—is worth whatever he gets in pay.

And lastly, I have to admit...Katie Holmes running the marathon in 5 hours does impress me a little bit.

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Travis said...

One thing that always amazes me about the NFL is just how fast they disappear. How about Jevon Kearse? Once a real beast and this year 3.5 sacks and 11(!?) tackles.

Romo: If the Cowboys hadn't cut Quincy Carter for failing a drug test, he would have been cut a few years ago.

Katie Holmes: But did you know Oprah beat her time by like an hour?