Monday, November 26, 2007


No, seriously. Hockey season started?

Who knew?

Think the Browns want the No. 1 pick they traded away for Brady Quinn. So far, Derek Anderson has a QB rating of 90% and 22TDs. Also, he has good pocket awareness and knows when to get rid of the ball, as he's also only been sacked 10 times.

Meanwhile, Quinn is getting really good at sitting.

Probably gonna take a lot of flak for this, but if anyone can beat the Patriots this season—and I don't think anyone can—I think the Jaguars might be able to. Call it a hunch, but I think they might have the defense to get in Brady's face. And just enough offense with Maurice Drew and David Garrard to get the job done.

But I don't think it'll happen.

That said, kudos to Jack Del Rio for sticking to his guns and chucking El Tubbo— Byron Leftwich—this offseason. Byron, while a gamer (because he has no mobility and is constantly getting knocked onto the DL), and not a bad QB, made Drew Bledsoe look downright nimble in the pocket. After Del Rio inserted Garrard, Jacksonville is now an offense that, while not Dallas's or New England's, can help their stout defense. Garrard has command of their playbook—as evidenced by the 9 TD passes, no interceptions and 65% completion rating—and what's more, can actually shift in the pocket. The result is Jacksonville this year is the team I thought they would be last year; that is, the team the big boys (Indy, Pittsburg, N.E.) don't want to face.

It is more than a little excellent that "The U", that is the Miami Hurricanes football team, stink so bad. For years, the arrogance and downright thuggery that program exemplified was an embarrassment. Mugshot after mugshot; obnoxious NFL rookie after obnoxious NFL rookie. It's nice to see them eat a little humble pie with a absolute crapola season and no bowl trip.

Whatever nonsense is preventing most of the country from getting the NFL Network needs to stop now. One of the biggest games of the year is coming this Thursday with the Packers visiting the Cowboys and only like, 13% of the nation is going to be able to see it.

The ANDAPLAYERTOBENAMEDLATER Man of the Week Award. Lots of applicants this week. Andy Reid for designing a brilliant gameplan against the Patriots and got backup A.J. Feely to throw for 345 yards against the Pats. Patrick Kearney with 7 tackles and 3 sacks. Patrick Willis (the guy I wanted the Jets to draft) with 18 tackles (17 solo) and half a sack. and kept Edge in check. Devon Hester and his entire punt blocking team. But the award goes to Ryan Grant—who's come out of Wheres?-ville to give the Packers a needed running game. Ryan got over 100 yards against a very good Lion rush defense on only 15 carries. He also got 6 of Lord Farve's passes. Congratulations, Ryan.

Schmuck of the Week goes to Chad Johnson for celebrating a touchdown by playing with the camera in the endzone. Hey jerk, your team was picked by everyone to go to the playoffs, but is only 4-7. What the hell are you doing showboating at 4-7? Flip the damn ball to the ref and try to go on a two-game winning streak.

Starting to think the Yankees should go after Randy Wolf. A low-risk, potentially medium-range reward type guy. He's a lefty, only 31, and wasn't all that bad in the spring before the injury shut him down. A nice incentive-laden contract might be the way to go here. This is all assuming he gets a clean bill of health.

Ok, not to defend Eli Manning—because he had a stinkpoo game yesterday—but his receivers have to run the called routes. And then when the ball is thrown to them, they have to actually catch and hang onto the ball. Maybe then, all this "He's not Peyton" stuff would begin to go away.

And lastly, Vince Young. You're not allowed to do another commercial until you pass Kyle Boller on the QB rating chart.

And only one until you get past Joey Harrington.


Pete S. said...

Here here on Eli. Burress cannot get out of his cuts. So don't make him run square ins or sit him to rest the ankle. They drafted Steve Smith, give him a shot. Also, there is no way to tell if these receivers are running the wrong routes or Eli is throwing to the wrong spot. jaworski would blame the receivers, Chris Carter would blame the QB. Personally, I think it's a little from Column A and a little from Column B

P-Cat said...

True. I think there's defintly some blame to pass Eli's way. It just seems like his receivers aren't in the same book, much less the same page as Eli.

True with Steve Smith as well as Sinorice Moss. Let's ee what they can do.

Pete S said...

Also, I agree with your assessment of Jags...they have a shot at the Pats. Brady would be ineffective if only some team could put him on his butt a few times. The Jags and the Steelers (the other team with a shot) could both do that. The Jags and Steelers also get physical with receivers. Did you notice how ticked Moss was that Philly was muscling him around a little? Pittsburgh and the Jags took note I'm sure.

Icanseetheseams said...

I agree with you 100%! The last time I enjoyed a hockey game Russian children went to bed with tears in their eyes ruing the day they'd ever heard of Lake Placid.

CowboysFan said...

On the subject of commercials, I LOVE the Peyton Manning commercials. He comes of as honestly funny and able to laugh at himself.

His "pep talks" are great.

P-Cat said...

I do like those too. The pep talks and the one with the fake moustache are pretty good.

Pete S said...

Good point on Chad Johnson, which brings me to a question. Why are all the tall, physical wide receivers jackasses? Chad Johnson, Tyrell Owens, Randy Moss, Roy Williams, Plaxico Burress, Mike Williams...all jackasses.

The cut off line for the jackass seems to be around 6'2". Taller than that and you're a jackass. I suspect that Larry Fitzgerald and Braylon Edwards will start sporting Sharpies on the field and doing foolish end zone dances if they havn't already.

Oh, I tested my assumption on tight ends and it doesn't work, except for Shockey - he's a bit of a jackass.