Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Thank you, Andy Petitte, for coming back. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Just want to say, once again, I was so right. About the Kansas City Chiefs. While Mike and Mike (also known as the Meatball and the Wussboy) were, at the season's halfway mark, praising the job that Herm Edwards did, careful readers will remember, I said they were going to be the big-time bust for the second half of the season. Since then, all KC has done is gone 0-4, including a suck-o loss to the Raiders at Arrowhead. And Meatball and Wussboy have the nationwide radio broadcast, and I blog from work.

I told the Giants not to wear their 'I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK" red jerseys. Same goes for the Jets Pee-Wee league unis. Really. Stop it.

It's time for the annual "Are You Frickin' Kidding Me?" BCS outrage. As I wrote over the weekend, the BCS Bowl-deciding system is fundamentally corrupt, full of crap and needs to be scrapped in favor of a playoff system. And now, I say thanks to them for proving me right. How the heck does Kansas get to go to the Orange Bowl and Missouri—who just beat Kansas last week!—doesn't. Basically Missouri gets punished for making the Big 12 title game, which it lost to Oklahoma; if Missouri had just sat home, they'd be in the Orange Bowl.

And BC, which as the ACC runner-up gets passed over by two teams who didn't make the ACC championship game (Clemson, who BC beat in Death Valley, and Virginia) and gets stuck with the Champs Sports Bowl on December 28th. Last year, the loser of the ACC Championship went to the Gator Bowl—this year, they go to the Champs Sports Bowl and a team that didn't even make the ACC Championship goes to the Gator.

OK, it's time for the andaplayertobenamedlater.com Man Of The Week award. Lots of nominees. Aaron Rodgers for stepping in and playing well after not playing since Mr. Rogers was in the neighborhood. Seattle's Tatupu and his 3 interceptions. Patrick Willis doing his "I tackle everything that moves" thing he does. But I'm gonna be boring and give it to Adrian Peterson. After manning up and saying "Torn lateral collateral ligament? Psshhaw!" he went out and lit up the Lions defense for 116 yards on 15 carries. Quick math experts will tell you that's 7.7 yards per carry. Oh and he scored two touchdowns, including one on a run where he juked Keroy Kennedy out of his jock. Seriously, go Youtube.com it—it's worth it.

Just want to take a second here to again speak up—a little bit—for Peyton's little brother. Again, I'm not saying Eli is great, but I am saying that his receivers are partly to blame. He still isn't as accurate as he needs to be and he needs to be calmer when the pocket breaks down. But, if his teammates, GM and most of the NFL commentators got off his case and recognized him for what he is—a talented QB with a good arm, but not his brother—then they might realize that they can work with him and focus on their other problem. A really crappy secondary.

And lastly...again...thank you, Andy. Thank you so frickin' much!!!!

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Pete S said...

Were those Jets jerseys donated by Xaverian High School? They're so childish. Not only that, but they're colors have been green and white since the 60's. Same thing with the red Giants jerseys...red is almost the opposite of blue. When the Chargers went retro they lightened the blue in their jerseys a little, and that worked out fine.

Andy Pettitte deserves the Nobel Peace prize for his act of charity to the Yankees. I am OVERJOYED that he is back, but I can never forgive Cashman or Steinbrenner (whoever was chiefly responsible) for not signing him IMMEDIATELY when they had the chance a few years back. Clemens and his friendship with Pettitte was a factor in Pettitte going to Houston, I think he felt slighted when the Yankees weren't all over him. He deserved better and, frankly, I almost think he's too good for the Yankees in a way. That said, THANK GOD HE'S BACK. I am buying an Andy Pettitte jersey this year. He is my favorite Yankee.