Tuesday, December 11, 2007


If the Jets learned anything from Anthony Smith's "guarantee," it's that...it's a real bad idea to piss off the Patriots.

In all fairness, Anthony Smith's guarantee really wasn't a big chest-thumping, "We're gonna kick their butt" guarantee. This is what he said: "As long as we come out and do what we got to do. Both sides of the ball are rolling, and if our special teams come through for us, we've got a good chance to win."

"Good Chance?" Not exactly the Joe Willie guarantee, now is it?

OK. I've avoided the whole Michael Vick dogfighting thing, because it's so pathetic and dumb, but I'll say this one thing. He got what he deserved, no more, no less, and he should be able to come back to the NFL once he's paid his debt, if anyone will have him. And someone will. My guess is if he comes back it won't be as a quarterback. At least not a full-time QB.

By the way, in case you're checking, Jacksonville's QB, David Garrard has one interception. That number again, is one.

Is there any duo in the entirety of sports more despicable than James Nolan and Isiah Thomas? Here's a list of the goings-on at the Garden for just this week: 11.5 million to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit (which include, but is not limited to Marbury’s dalliances with an intern). After the agreement, Isiah reminded us that he is completely innocent. "However, this is the best course for Madison Square Garden, and I fully support it." How noble of him. Oh and this is after the Knicks lose a home-and-home series against the powerhouse 8-13 76ers (one of the losses being a 105-77 blowout at the Garden), and then get toyed with by the Mavs. All in all, a nice week for the Knickerbockers.

Staying with basketball, the one thing I do miss not watching, is Steve Nash. He has got to be the most enjoyable basketball player to watch since maybe Magic.

Looks like Tavaris Jackson is starting to get this whole "quarterbacking" thing, no? Granted it was only San Fran he played last week. But it seems as if he's playing with a heck of a lot more confidence than he was a month ago.

Who exactly will the Mets be trading for Johan Santana? Pelfrey and Humber didn't look like the budding stars everyone thought they were going to be, and the Mets already traded Lastings Milledge for whatever they could, which wasn't much. So, unless they fork over David Wright, Johan won't be in Queens anytime soon.

Here's some sick news. If the draft were held today, the New England Patriots would have the second freakin' pick. Because of the trade with the 49ers last year (who could truly, truly use the second pick back), the Pats get a chance to pick up uber-back Darren McFadden or everybody's All-American LB James Laurinaitis. Enough to make you want to Belichek all over the place.

Which brings us to the ANDAPLAYERTOBENAMEDLATER.com's Man of the Week. Kind of an easy one. Although LT ran all the heck over the Titans, I still have to give it to Jason Witten of the Cowboys. After a costly fumble, he came back to score the winning touchdown with under 20 seconds left. And that catch, was his 15th of the game. Man.

And I'd just like to give a hat tip to sportswriter Ron Borges, who wrote a good sense article about Eli Manning. Basically he echoed the little sentiment I wrote last week. Which is, simply, yes, Eli isn't Peyton. But given a shot, he might be pretty good. Borges uses Phil Simms's stats after 4 years, and they weren't even as good as Eli's. And he also rightly points out that Eli has never once thrown his receivers under the bus for running wrong routes, which they have. A lot. But does any of this really matter to Giant fans, who are starting to light the fire in which they are gonna throw Eli?

Doubtful. Very doubtful.

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Pete s said...

Let's play Belichek (It sounds like fun, doesn't it?) for a moment. I think he is going to take that second pick and dangle it out there until some team, like the Giants four years ago when they gave away several picks for Eli Manning, grabs it in the hopes of drafting a savior like a McFadden or a Tebow. Belichek is going to get back the picks that were taken away from him as a result of his cheating. And then he's going to pick some players who are under the radar. And then they're going to blossom. And then he is going to laugh his *ss off.

The Patriots really have no reason to keep that pick. They don't need a running back or a quarterback. They are spoken for at receiver and the offensive line. What they need is some depth for an aging defense, and that's what they are going to get - mark my words. They will turn that pick into 3 additional 2nd or 3rd rounders and draft studs who are undervalued. They're gonna be GREAT for years.