Tuesday, December 18, 2007


OK, I've been wanting to say this for a while, and I think I'm ready....

Golf is not a sport.

OK, there. I feel better.

Readers of this blog know that I love Chad Pennington with all my heart, but I have to disagree with those people who say he should be the Jets starter again. Yes he played nice against the Pats last Sunday, but take a look at this stat line.

25/38 186 4.9 0 0

It's the same problem as before. He throws only dinks and dunks. Under 5 yds a freakin' pass. And once he gets into the red zone, he can't cram it into the end zone. Like I said, the guy is the ultimate team player and a heckuva smart QB. But he can't run a Jets offense anymore as a starter. Sorry.

One thing I keep noticing as I watch Dallas games. Marco Columbo is always the first guy downfield to help a WR or RB up, and the first in the end zone to cheer on a TD. A team always needs a guy like that.

Sunday, Rutger's JR Inman said North Carolina's Tyler Hansbrough has yet to be challenged this season by a player such as him. "I really don't think he can guard me," Inman said. The Who-Dat? Rutgers player went on to say, "If I had to guard myself, it would be pretty hard.”

Tyler’s line: 31 mins, 6-15 FG, 8-8 FT, 20 points, 11 rebounds

Inman’s line: 36 mins, 3-14 FG, 3-4 FT, 10 points, 3 rebounds

Good game, JR.

Meant to write this last week, but the Texans taking Mario Williams instead of Reggie Bush isn't looking so bad now.

I'm gonna take some flak for this, but I never thought Reggie was going to dominate the NFL. In USC, going up against Washington State or Stanford, sure he can outrun everyone to the outside and escape tackles, but that changes when you're facing Brian Urlacher or Ed Reed. They run just as fast as you, Reggie, and aren't going to miss as much. And I question if he can run up the middle. Sean Payton has him running mainly screens or dump off passes in the open field to try to set up Reggie to use his elusiveness. But Reggie has yet to show anyone if he can carry 25 times a game up the damn middle.

And this week's ANDAPLAYERTOBENAMEDLATER.com Man of the Week award goes to Jamal Lewis. After being unceremoniously dumped by Baltimore in the off-season, most thought he was done. This year, he's having a nice bounce-back year and last week, in awesome blizzard conditions (wind gusts were up to 40 mph and there was practically no traction on the ground), he carried his team on his back to the tune of 33 carries and 163 yards.

I feel like I say this every week, but the New York Tabloids keep slicing up Eli Manning, so I gotta say it. OK, yes Eli didn't play very well on Sunday. But when your receivers drop at least 10 freakin' passes, including some wide open first-down-making passes, let's see how good your stats are. And to his credit, he hasn't once thrown any of them under the bus, no matter how many wrong routes they run or buttery their fingers.

And lastly, if next April, in the draft, if Jets don't take a DT or LG in the first two rounds, I am going to write my name in Magic Marker on my hand, then slap Jet GM Mike Tannenbaum hard across the face, so that when he looks in the mirror, he can see the name of the man who tagged him.


Pete S said...

It's obvious and painful, but it's true that Pennington must go. I think he should go into coaching - he seems to have a great football mind.

The Jets should bring in some veterans and have them compete for the job next year with the QB's they have now, except for Pennington.

I noticed something about all the QB's who have played in Giants Stadium for the past few decades after Madden mentioned it last Sunday. They all put up awful numbers this time of year. This is why the Jets should devote all their time to developing a POWER running game and a PUNISHING defense. They have good players on D, but they are way too small. Same thing with the O line. If you are not able to run the ball effectively in that horrible wind tunnel of a stadium, you will not score points. If you cannot stop a power running game in that stadium, you will give up points.

That said, there is no way ELI Manning should have dropped back so many times in that game the other day. They force him to do too much . The Giants need to go back to a chew the clock style of offense. Eli's completion percentage would go up, his receivers would not have as many opportunities to drop balls thrown RIGHT INTO THEIR HANDS (last Sunday was brutal), and the horrible defensive backfield would have fewer opportunities to blow coverages. Keep it simple, Coughlin...POWER WINS FOOTBALL.

P-Cat said...

Absolutely true about the Giants not running the ball enough. Can't understand what Coughlin was thinking, making Eli pass in those conditions. Bill Parcells has set the blueprint on how to win in East Rutherford; power running, power running, and more power running, then hit your receiver.

And right again, Pete. Don't force Eli to be what he is not. He could be a good QB, in the right system. But Peyton he is not.

R-Nav said...

I have a few questions about Pennington. First, what changed between last year and this year? Did his yards per pass decrease from last year? I remember questions about his arm strength last year, but not this severe. Second, if Kellen Clemens has a fully functioning throwing arm, why hasn't the playcalling been any different when he's in the game? I haven't seen many long passes from Clemens. They've been short throws, and Clemens can't get the team down the field. Whereas, Chad for all his faults put together a sweet drive against the Pats. (Granted, nothing came of it.) Pennington's problems may just be magnified by the teams's other issues, like the O-line. So...Maybe the harsh criticism is deserved, but I have to ask the question. Are people being a little hard on Pennington?