Tuesday, January 8, 2008


To start, I would like to ask everyone, was there anything more pathetic than Roger Clemens sitting at a podium listening to a tape he made, secretly, of a phone call, with him saying obviously prepared statements to his trainer and his trainer repeating, over and over, "Tell me what you want me to do? I'll go to jail. I'll do whatever you want." Because to me, the whole thing just exhuded the pathetic in its purest form.

Roger made a phone call to a man who's son is dying and during the call tried to coerce the guy to admit something so Roger could save his own ass. Just a class move full of integrity and sound moral judgment, Roger.

I might have more to say on this later, but right now, the only two words that stick out, are pathetic and sad.

Hey, want a stat? Kellen Clemens led the Jets to only nine touchdowns in 87 drives as a starter. Not making me feel confident for 2008.

I was worried for a while about the inability of the Yankees to produce a lefty starter since Andy Pettite (Sean Henn, Brady Halsey, etc), till I thought about this: Going Back to 2004, the winners of the World Series have only had 2 lefties in all their starts. Jon Lester from last year, and Mark Buerhle for the White Soxin 2005. So, the moral is: it's really not so much about which side the pitcher pitches from, it's just that he has to be good.

Last Saturday was the 82nd birthday of Luigi (Lou) Carnesecca, legendary former coach of St. John's basketball. At the time of his retirement in 1992, he left St. John's with a record of 526 and 200; the second winningest program in NCAA basketball history. Not anymore. Since leaving, the Red Storm have been fallen into a college basketball afterthought, where the best anyone could hope for is mediocrity. So far, this year, with their record at 7-6 (a good year) they've already lost to lost to Niagara, Ohio University. And with the hard part of their schedule coming up, the best anyone could hope for is a .500 finish. Where have you gone, Lou? Please come back.

And now, the final ANDAPLAYERTOBENAMEDLATER Man of the Week Awards of the football season. As much as I hate to say it, the award has to go to Bill Belichek. What he has done with the Patriots, not just this season, but his whole New England career is nothing short of miraculous. In the era of free agency, where players flee winning teams for better contracts elsewhere, how he's managed not only to win with interchangeable players, but seemingly thrive, is stunning. He's a brief snapshot of the first team Bill brought to the Super Bowl: His starting RB was Antoine Smith, his receivers were David Patten and Troy Brown and TE Jermaine Wiggins, his cornerbacks were Ty Law and Otis Smith, his safeties were Lawyer Milloy and Tebucky Jones and his linemen consisted of Anthony Pleasant, Brandon Mitchell and Bobby Hamilton. Oh, and his kicker was Adam Vinatieri. Notice something? Not one of those guys is with the team still. In short, the man is a frickin' genius. And now, he is the ANDAPLAYERTOBENAMEDLATER Man of the Year winner.

And lastly, for the Super Bowl, I for one an hoping for a 5 minute preview commercial of the new Batman movie. Cause wow, the teaser trailer I saw was Bat-tastic!


R-Nav said...

Any Batman preview is something to look forward to. Let's not forget Iron Man either- the movie studio bought substantial airtime during the Superbowl for the red and gold Avenger. On a serious note, there's no doubt that Roger Clemens's recent actions smell of desperation. His situation is not good. But in all fairness, all we have is the trainer's word. If, and I say if because I'm not sure I believe it, but if Roger is innocent, how does he correct that? Should the mere fact the trainer made these allegations be enough to ruin Roger's career? At least in Bonds' case, he admitted to using performance enhancers (unknowlingly).

Pete S said...

Heath Ledger looked like a serial killer in the trailer. It was a great interpretation of the "Dark Knight" version of the Joker. This guy would put Caesar Romero's head on a pike.

St John's will not do well again unless they can snag the best players within the NYC public school system and the CHSAA. They used to do it; then Mike Jarvis got all high and mighty and tried to recruit out of region. Silly move. There's plenty of talent in the City. Go get it, Johnnies.

Screw Roger, I never liked that merc anyway.

The Yankees need a lefty more than most teams to force opponents away from putting lefty power hitters in their line up at Yankee stadium. Other than that, good point - who cares if you use southpaws as starters.