Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So, T.O. What the F?

Nothing against crying in sports in general. I thought Adam Morrison crying after Gonzaga lost to UCLA was cool. (Which, btw, leaves me in the serious minority. Go Google "Adam Morrison crying" and you get a million people REALLY unnaturally angry that a college kid cried after losing in the NCAAs), but T.O. was crying defending his teammate who really didn't need any defending. It was just weird, dude.

Ok, enough of that. Let me just say, Marion Barber. Is a man. He was the best player on the field in the Dallas-New York game. How many guys trying to tackle him, did he just completely blow up?

I meant to blog this last week, but in that Oakland-White Sox trade last week...did Oakland hold a gun to Chicago's head? The White Sox get a lifetime .251 hitter who had 22 jacks last year. Big whoop. And what do they give up? Only the best two prospects in their farm system. Here's BaseballAmerica's take on the prospects.

Gio Gonzalez, 22, is one of the game's better lefthanded pitching prospects, and he led the minors with 185 strikeouts in 150 innings at Double-A Birmingham in 2007. He went 9-7, 3.18 in 27 starts for the Barons, limiting opponents to a .216 average and 10 homers. Gonzalez' best pitch is his curveball, and he also has a low-90s fastball that can reach 96 mph. He...isn't far from reaching the major leagues.

Fautino de los Santos, 21...went 10-5, 2.65 in 26 games (20 starts) between low Class A Kannapolis and high Class A Winston-Salem. He had a 153-43 K-BB ratio in 122 innings, while opponents batted just .163 with eight homers against him. He has better pure stuff but not as much polish or savvy as Gonzalez, as well as a similar ceiling. De los Santos will need more time to develop.

What the hell are the Sox doing? Just two years from the series, they look to be near the bottom of the AL Central.

So far, I'm 6-2 in picking the playoffs. Just want to toot my own horn here for a second. I said last week, "Look for Wes Welker to catch pass after pass for 8 yards or so in the flat." The box score after the game read Wes Welker, 9 catches for 54 yards (an average of 6 yds).

Watched Ryan Diem closely last week, and I feel, if the Jets can't get Alan Faneca as a free agent, he may be a passable option 2 for their left guard problem.

Get this: Julius Peppers had a "Hey, remember him?" year, where he posted a ferocious 2.5 sacks and 30-some-odd tackles. What's more, he was regularly handled one-on-one by average right tackles. On one play late in the season, Jacksonville running back Maurice Jones-Drew stood up Peppers despite giving up eight inches and 70 pounds. Still, his agent feels that's more than worthy of what Dwight Freeney got; meaning 7 years at a little less than 11 million per. All I can say to this, Julius, if you get 2.5 sacks in 2008, get used to the words, "waiver wire."

And lastly, just wanna give a big, big round of applause to Adam Jones, better known as "PacMan." After being suspended from the NFL (a hard thing to accomplish, mind you), for being arrested a whopping 6 times since being drafted by the Titans in 2005, and after thoroughly proving he didn't deserve leniency from NFL Commissioner Goodell, what does PacMan do? Well, of course go to the ubiquitous strip club and punch a girl in the face. What else would you do?

One of the promises Pacman told the Commissioner was that he would stay out of clubs (strip clubs seem to be like catnip-idiot juice to athletes, don't they?) and to avoid situations in which he might be compromised.

Compromised. Well, Pacman, you may as well stay in the boobie bar, because you ain't gonna be in the NFL any time soon.


Pete S said...

Six wins and two losses in the play-offs is outstanding. Hats off to you. I did call San Diego to get to Foxborough, but since I had Green Bay and the Giants out by now, that ain't much. If only I had faith in my own team, I would have been able to brag. KKHHAANN!

P-Cat, don't you think the Pats are ready to turn it up and blow someone out? I think San Diego will be the whipping boy to the evil schoolmasters the Pats will become this weekend. And, personally touched by the Giants' toughness in Dallas, I say they take out Green Bay. Favre won't pull that underhand crap with Tuck, Osi, and Strahan chasing him. I heard Coughlin has been denying them food all week to make them vicious.

Pacman Jones is innocent. I heard he punched the stripper in the chest to see if her breasts were real. What's wrong wit dat?

P-Cat said...

Good to hear from you, Pete S. And to me, the Pats look this year, like they are always ready to blow someone out.

And as for Pacman, ain't nothin' wrong with that. A gangsta's gotta do what a gangsta's gotta do.

Pete S said...
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Pete S said...

Oh yeah, TO's behavior. If he was somehow faking it to imply that Romo is some sort of sissy for taking a vacation with Jessica Simpson (who is, BTW, so freakin' hot), then T.O.'s behavior was kinda cool.

However, T.O. ain't sophisticated enough to pull premeditated behavior like we saw Sunday off. I wish he would retire prematurely (like Tiki Barber) to avoid the permanent damage that will surely come if he hangs around the league. Of course, Tiki was looking to avoid permanent physical injury; T.O. would be looking to avoid permanent emotional scars. HE IS SUCH A TOOL.

cajetan said...

Is Pacman Jones an Orc?

P-Cat said...

He really does look like an orc, now that you say it. Or an Urak-Hai.