Monday, February 4, 2008


Holy moly. Did you see that game?

David slew Goliath. Dewey Defeats Truman. The Giants beat the Patriots. Lions laying down with lambs. All is askew in the Football World. .

This game is, in this blog's opinion, a bigger upset than the Pats beating the Rams a few years back. The phrase "done with mirrors" doesn't encompass enough" how the Giants ran through the playoffs. I was 7-4 in predicting the playoffs, and all 4 off the losses were when I picked against the Giants. They were, in short, amazing.

A few observations:

The Eli Manning to David Tyree pass was one of the most amazing plays I've ever seen. I'd say it gave some of those Lynn Swann catches a run for their money. First Eli gets out of the grasp of two sacks and then Tyree catches it off his helmet while Rodney Harrison tries to take it from him.

The Giants defense was awesome. They made the incredible Patriots offense look scared. (How many passes did Brady overthrow?) They gave up nothing except 5 yard passes to Wes Welker. And aside from not jamming Welker at the line, Tom Brady had absolutely nothing all day deep. He averaged 5.5 yards a pass. And Maroney had nothing either. He only averaged 2.6 yards a carry against the totally dominant Giant defense.

It was sheer arrogance on the part of Bill Belichek not to go for the field goal on a fourth and thirteen on the Giants' 31. In a tight game like this one had been, you put the points on the board, especially when your kicker has proven he can make the kick. Remember, this isn't New England, this was a controlled environment—no snow, no mud, no winds. Belichek goes for it a lot on 4th and short. But a 4th and thirteen? Against a defense that has been shutting you down? Belichek should have put the points on the board. It turns out he needed them at the end.

I loved the Fox cameras. The second after Kevin Boss’ 45-yard catch, where did they go. Right to Jeremy Shockey's private booth. (Of course he wouldn't be on the sidelines with his teammates; he'd be with the booze and the women.)

Which brings me to the Shockey stuff.

Jeff Chadiha from ESPN kinda gets it amazingly wrong. He writes, "The only thing that is quite apparent about Shockey's absence is that the Giants lack a vibrant personality on offense now. There isn't a vocal player like defensive end Michael Strahan or middle linebacker Antonio Pierce...."

All this crap about Eli's personality and that's what you need to win is a joke. This is the same stuff they said when ESPN picked Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning in the 1998 draft. Why? Because ESPN liked the fact that leaf had "personality." Yeah. Good choice guys.

You could have a Hannibal Lector meets Josef Stalin type personality. As long as you get the passes to the right people, then you're gold. And, again, to all the people defending Shockey (and Tiki, who's made a side career of trashing Eli)...interesting to note that with Tiki gone, and just after Shockey goes down for the season and can't showboat against Eli all over the field and sideline, that Eli started playing like a man with confidence. Confidence he wouldn't get shown up. First he plays against the Patriots in December like a leader. Then he rolls through the NFC playoffs without a turnover. Then, all he does is go out and beat the 18-0 Patriots as a 12 point underdog. All this blog is saying, why mess with the chemistry.

And lastly...what the heck was with no Dark Knight preview? Iron Man is fine and all, but come on....


pete s said...

Shockey needs to go. He's signed through 2011, but I'll bet Al Davis would take him. The Raiders need targets for their young QB. So what if Shockey drops one in 4 balls thrown to him? So what if he false starts and kills drives? Al Davis loves penalties.

Shockey is a disgrace. When I saw him up in the party booth with a beer and a BIG cup of "lemonade" in front of him, I lost any respect I had for him. He plays hard, but sometimes when he tries to help the team he hurts them He's like a vicious St. Bernard.

You can't have a bipolar player like that. It doesn't win championships.

Pete S said...

P-Cat, I am also disappointed that Dark Knight was nowhere to be found. Maybe they were afraid it would appear insensitive after Heath Ledger died. Speaking of Iron Man, I was puzzled about Robert Downey as Iron Man until I found out Tony Stark is a recovering alcoholic (I never read Iron Man). Were you aware of this?

Roberts said...

Game was awsome, but i was also unhappy that there was no Dark Knight preview.