Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I wanna start with a pat on the back...my back. Last year at this time, I said the Jets had to trade Robertson and Vilma as they just didn't fit the system. They were not bad players, just not the players needed in the new system. So, make the trades, get picks and take players who do fit the system, take whatever step backwards you need in order to move forward, both salary cap-wise and learning curve-wise. Alas, the Jets didn't do it. In the past two days, we've learned that the Jets now have given Vilma permission to seek a trade, and now Robertson is on the block too. Well, that's just fine, but now the Jets lost a year in which they could have found replacements and had a year under their belts. I guess better late than never, but still...

Also, this business about the Cowboys trading both no 1. picks for a chance to take Darren McFadden is The Grand Poobah Dumbest move of all time. First off, the Boys have a nice running back in Barber. Second off, they have other holes to fill with those picks—namely, wide receiver and cornerback. And third, this is a deep year for running backs. So if the Cowboys want a complimentary back, there will be a good one in the third round. Leon Washington of the Jets was taken in the fourth round—the Boys could get a good one later. But if they decide to trade both picks to take McFadden (who's it's been found out has started his own personal fertility clinic in three kids with three women in his time at Arkansas), serves them right if they don't make the playoffs next year.

Tony LaRussa says he doesn't believe Mark McGuire did steroids. Right. And Clinton didn't inhale and John Gotti is a part-time electrician.

Is it me or are the Panthers looking for a running back every single year?

If the Blue Jays have everyone healthy (for once) this year—if B.J. Ryan comes back, and Vernon Wells and Doc Halladay and A.J. Burnett—watch out. Seriously. They could easily win 95 games if the injury bug doesn't dropkick them like it has the past few years.

This is time of the year every sportswriter says the NFL combines are stupid and a waste of time. Yeah, possibly some teams overemphasize the combine and the 40 numbers (Oakland Raiders, I'm looking in your direction). But still, getting a personal feel for a kid should be important. ProfootballWeekly.com writes "Furthermore, hardly ever do players sprint 40 yards in a straight line in an actual game." Yeah that's true, but if a kid comes in fat and runs a lazy 40. Maybe he doesn't care that much about football. Don't underestimate the personal when it comes to the combine. It's as much about the person as it is the 40 time.

OK, why the heck didn't Indiana fire Kelvin Sampson earlier? And as a matter of fact, why did they hire this guy in the first place. Now, I'm no defended of Bobby Knight, but wasn't the reason Indiana got rid of Knight was because they had a "zero tolerance policy?" Then they go and hire a guy who already had recruiting violations on his resume (and don't tell me they had no idea of the violations). They he gets busted for recruiting violations at Indiana and they hem and haw before actually firing him? Now I know the delay was because they had to fashion a deal where Sampson won’t counter-sue. But really, what does a guy have to do in sports to get plain old fired. Jason Giambi admits to doping and the Yankees can't get out from under his contract. Kelvin Sampson makes literally, hundreds of illegal phone calls to recruits and Indiana can't fire the guy. Makes no damn sense.

Have to give Page 2 on ESPN.com some credit for their no. 1 reason Why Barry Bonds Won't Be Signing With The Mets: Because he might be mistaken for Mr. Met. That was damn, damn, funny.

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Pete S said...

Let the Cowboys trade their heart and soul (that's right, he's the man in Big-D). Barber was awesome (for a half or so) against the Giants in the play-offs...he broke more tackles in that game than many backs do in 2 months. I would not miss him at all.

Tony LaRussa was probably drunk when he made the McGuire comment.

I love the combine, too. It is helpful to measure speed and athleticism. There are intangibles that are difficult to measure, but I'm willing to bet that scouts find more diamonds in the rough at the combine than the whole rest of the year running around the country.

BTW P-Cat, they weren't kidding about Chris Long - his motor is always running. Did you see that guy at the combine? He was like the Energizer Bunny. That's an intangible you can see at the combine.