Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So the Rockets, huh? 22 straight wins. I've thought about this, and the only way they are able to do this, is that they casted the 3rd level Sorcerer spell, "Feeblemind" on their opponents. That's the only logical way this team wins 22 games. In fact, I'm positive.

I've been saying all winter that if the Blue Jays can keep it together and stay relatively healthy, they have a decent shot to upset the Red Sox or Yankees. So, what happens? Casey Janssen, he of the 2.35 ERA already is out for the season with a shoulder issue. A.J. Burnett, seemingly always rehabbing, hasn't thrown a curveball all spring due to a fingernail issue. Not the start you want when you're trying to catch the big boys.

Speaking of not the start you want...the Yankees starters ERAs are as follows: Wang, 8.44, Petitte, 5.63, Mussina 4.66, Hughes 4.70. And that doesn't include potential starters, Chamberlain, 6.14 and Karstens and Rasner, both with ERAs north of 8.4. I know its only spring training, but blee-arg.

Just watching some college basketball this weekend and it makes wish even more that college football had a damn tournament system. We proposed one back in November here: http://andaplayertobenamedlater.blogspot.com/2007/11/bowl-blackmail.html
But the truth is, I doubt it'll ever happen. Which is a shame. Because when you see how much excitement college basketball is generating right now, and you think how exponential that excitement would be if it were applied to football, you realize how much the fans lose out on this.

Another proposal. Shorten the baseball season. No, I'm not saying cut games from 162 a season. I'm saying more doubleheaders (because god forbid the owners took a little less in gate money for the betterment of the game). Look, even if you just had, one doubleheader a month, you could shorten the season a week. A doubleheader (even a day-night, again, so the owners wouldn't cry about losing money) every two weeks would cut the season by two weeks. Which we truly need. Right now, with the baseball season about to start in less than two weeks, in New York, it's 30-someodd degrees at night. Never mind Minneapolis where it's dipping into the mid 20's at night. Last year, my wife and I went to an early April game and had to buy huge sweatshirts and cocoa, and still froze our buns off watching the game. And every fall you see people in the stands of playoff games of Boston, New York and Detroit, trying to cheer their team with parkas and scarves on. So, come on MLB, shorten the season a little. At least time-wise.

And lastly, Mediaweek has announced that the YES Network has pulled the plug on it's truly unwatchable reality-sports show Ultimate Road Trip. For those of you outside the New York area, the show broadcasts on the Yankee Network. In it, 6 Yankee Fans live and travel together—for 7 freakin' months—and go on tours or compete in contests where apparently, the one who most reduces themselves to a state of complete idiocy wins...I don't know...a pimped out van. Or something. Truly craptastic and nails-on-blackboard annoying, the show is blissfully cancelled this season and will be replaced with "Webster" reruns. Or I don't know, something actually sports related.


Travis said...

I totally agree about shortening the baseball season. Do that and then shorten the basketball and hockey season, and I would be satisfied. All of them go on so long, I never get a chance to miss them before they return. Baseball finishes in November now, and pitchers and catchers reported on what Jan. 31st this year?

That reality series sounds awesomely bad. How long was it on? Just one season?

P-Cat said...

No, it was actually on three seasons. And every time you watch a Yankee game, you were inundated with thousands of commercials of the Nutter-Butters going to a pizza parlor or climbing a rock wall talking smack about how they were gonna win "the prize." It was really embarrassing.

And yeah, going to a Yankee game and having your teeth chatter just makes no sense to me. Baseball should not be played in November.

Pete S said...

Mr. November? It just doesn't sound right. You make a good point...the season should be wrapped a week or two earlier. The Iditerod is run in better conditions than some of the MLB play-off games I've seen.

Ultimate Road Trip truly was horrendous. Good riddance. YES could have more wisely spent that money getting the crew from "The White Shadow" back together for a reunion mini-series.