Friday, April 4, 2008

2008 MLB Winners

Today to finish off the week-long MLB prediction-fest, I'm going to predict who wins what, who surprises and who disappoints.

AL East — Red Sox
AL Central — Indians
AL West — Angels
ALWild Card —Yankees
AL Pennant — Angels
Could Surprise — Mariners
Could Disappoint — Tigers
AL MVP — Vladimir Guerrero
AL Cy Young — Fausto Carmona
AL Rookie of the Year — Evan Longoria

NL East — Mets
NL Central — Cubs
NL West — Diamondbacks
NLWild Card —Braves
NL Pennant — Cubs
Could Surprise — Rockies
Could Disappoint — Phillies
NL MVP — Chase Utley
NL Cy Young — Johan Santana
NL Rookie of the Year — Steve Pearce

Enjoy the season.


Pete S said...

Go Cubbies. I can't help it - I like Sweet Lou. He reminds me of Billy Martin.

P-Cat said...

Hear ya, Pete. Something I love about Sweet Lou. Maybe it goes back to his barehand stop in the 1978 one-game series against the Red Sox, I don't know.