Monday, April 28, 2008

Post-Draft Observations

Now that the draft, for better or worse is done, I'd like to hear what some of your observations are. Here are some of mine:

What kind of message is Green Bay sending Aaron Rodgers? First they take, who many considered the most-ready to start QB in the draft, Brian Brohm, in the second round. Then they take ANOTHER QB , the national championship QB. Gotta love the faith the show their former no. 1 draft pick.

Brandon fat. If you saw him chilling on his couch waiting to be picked. I hear he's very athletic, so maybe it's a "John Belushi, can't believe he's that athletic for a fat man" kinda thing.

By the way, kudos to DeSean Jackson for best suit of the day. Not only a three-piece, not only wearing it IN HIS HOUSE, while his family members are wearing t-shirts, but for wearing SUNGLASSES IN HIS HOUSE. Just well done, DeSean, well done.

Surprised that the Giants took Kenny Phillips with their pick in the first round. The general consensus among scouts was that there wasn't any safeties worth taking in the first round, but I guess they felt a real need.

The buzz was that the Jets moved up to pick 30 to take Dustin Keller because the Giants were targeting the quick TE. Were the Giants serious about Shockey at that point? Are they still looking to deal him?

If Me-Shawn Johnson said the phrase "copycat league" one more time I was gonna head down to Radio City and assassinate him.

Parcells had a nice first draft. No-nonsense, setting up the team he wants. Long is a Parcells type player. Merling is a run-stopping DE in his mold. Langford and Dotson were other guys that were targeted for the D-line and can contribute.

Told you Jerry Jones was taking Felix Jones no matter what.

Man, was that Under Armor ad with guy screaming about "the future" in some post-apocolyptic setting the stupidest thing ever? Lighten up guys, it's frickin t-shirts.

Duane Brown? Reach of the day.

And last, you gotta love Weird Al of Oakland. He drafted Michael Bush in the second last year. He gave Dominic Rhodes a wheelbarrow of cash. He has Justin Fargas and former signing Lamont Jordan. But screw them all. He wants his speedy guy, McFadden. He gets his speedy guy. End of story.

Let me go guys what you think. Did your team do well? Who overestimated and who got bargins? Sound off on the boards.


Pete S said...

Green Bay is looking for options at QB. Rodgers looked good in limited action against the Cowboys, but I can't say I blame GB for not pinning all their hopes on a largely untested QB.

Kenny Philips has been on the Giants radar since day one. Gibril Wilson leaving forced their hand, and they're not deep at CB (Madison and McQuarters are old). Then they went for a WR and and LB. These are all need areas, no surprises. If Manningham can stay on the straight and narrow he was a steal.

The Chiefs did well if Albert can get up off that couch. Dorsey, if healthy, looks like another Warren Sapp. They picked a solid RB if Larry Johnson cannot come back to form and picked a couple of receivers who were productive in college. DaJuan Morgan from NC State is raw, but Herm can coach DB's. Many people compare Morgan to Adrian Wilson, who is an animal.

Gholston could be the next Kearse. Dustin Keller looks awesome. Ainge looks like a winner, too. I think the Jets did very well. Unfortunately, so did the Dolphins and Bills. Top to bottom, that division could be the best in football 2 years from now.

Oakland screwed up. Nuff said.

Cecilio's Scribe said...

trying to come up with how i feel about Jets draft and all i can get to is "ok." there's nothing to make a huge stink about, but nothing to get all fired up about either. if you could prognosticate a player's NFL career on the size of their biceps, we've got a perennial pro bowler in gholston. it was the right pick at that spot, but the late "can't move his hips" and "takes games off" stuff scares me a little. in terms of keller...i keep hearing dallas clark comparisons. if he's half the player, i'll look back on the pick w/ love. rest of draft, pretty average, although i like the Ainge pick. call me crazy or a sucker (I am the guy who still claims cedric houston was going to be a good back in this League). the other question of course is, who's going to GET the ball to Keller? Cause it sure as heck ain't chad. ok, probably more than anyone wanted to know