Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So...Roger Clemens gave "Mister Splitty" down in the zone to Mindy McCready. When she was fifteen? Huh. Think people might remember that down the road during Clemens potential defamation of character lawsuit?


Anyways the YES network sorta beat me to this point on Monday night, but anyways...I think I've figured out how to fix Mike Mussina. Just don't let him pitch to Boston. It's that simple. Don't believe me? Look. In 4 games against non-Boston-related teams, ole Mike has pitched 23.2 innings and has a sparkling 3.04 ERA. In games against the Sox that are not white, Moose has served up an ERA of 9.35. So next time the Bosox come to town, Mike makes himself scarce. Ummm, yeah. "He got lost on the way to the stadium. Yeah, that's it."


Gotta say, I hate the new draft format. Starting at 3 and only two rounds. First off, we knew like the first 4 picks before the draft even started. And we had to listen to commentators talking about the draft for hours before it even started, as they killed time till it began. Just go back till it starting it at 11am and let us draft nerds have our day.


Way to go Pat Riley. No seriously, I understand. Coaching is very, well gosh darnit!, hard, when you're not winning. So yeah, it's better to go away and come back when your team is much more talented. That way you can win.


And lastly, I'd like to take issue with writer Scott Miller who wrote this gem..

Going with top prospects Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy in a rotation that needed to get younger is a terrific idea if, you know, the two can pitch.

You idiot. For years sportswriters assassinated the Yankees for not being patient, for giving up prospects who flourished with other teams and for trying to buy championships. So, the Yankees finally keep their kids and try to win with homegrown talent. And here we are not even out of April and this complete dullard blows up the Yankees, and attacks two kids who have about 120 innings pitched between the two of them.

Let's take a look at some other young pitchers. John Smoltz at age 21 (like Phil Hughes) had a 5.48 ERA. The guy they almost traded Kennedy and Hughes for, Johan Santana, had a 6.49 ERA at 21. His second year he had a 4.74 ERA. "Mr. Splitty" himself, Roger Clemens, had a nothing-special 4.32 his first year in the league.

So, Scott, the point is, relax and keep your yap shut. It's frickin' April. Here endeth the lesson.

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Pete S said...

For Roger Clemens, THE HITS JUST KEEP ON COMING! How can you have any sympathy for him? "Mister Splitty!" Hilarious, Paul.

Good point about Scott Miller. Dayn Perry on thinks Mussina or Kennedy should be demoted and Joba should become a starter RIGHT NOW. Talk about a lack of patience. What would Joba's arm be like if he went out and threw 60, 70, or 80 pitches? Are you kidding me?