Tuesday, April 8, 2008


First off, who gives a crap what Jose Canseco says? This dude would sell his firstborn for a wheat penny and we're supposed to listen to him and trust him? Yeah, right.

As much as I hate to say this, I think it might be time for Marvin Harrison to follow Farve into retirement. A class athlete all the way, Marvelous Marvin was drafted 19th in the 1996 NFL Draft, behind lesser receivers Eddie Kennison, Me-shawn Johnson and Terry Glenn, Harrison is averaging 86 receptions per season, a record. He's the only player in NFL history to have four consecutive 100 or more reception seasons in NFL history...ever. Chad Johnson has never sniffed 100 once. He's only the fourth NFL player to have a thousand receptions, and he's the fastest to get there. And my favorite Marvin record—he holds the single season reception record with 143 receptions. Second place? 123 receptions by Herman Moore. He beat it by twenty. All that said (and more to say), I think it might be time. Harrison underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee in January, and the Colts aren't sure he'll be ready for training camp. GM Bill Polian says Harrison will be ready for the opener, but it's actually Harrison's left knee that kept him out all year, and Polian said it's still "healing" and that Harrison won't do much in camp. All of this makes me sad, but it also makes me want Marvin to go and retire, rather than try to fight through and be a shell of his former self. Go home, Marvin, you've got your ring, your money and your permanent place in the NFL books. Enjoy.

Chien-Ming Wang is underrated. There I've said it—a New York Yankee is actually underrated.That said, since the day he's come up, every scout, every newspaper guy has said, "He's good but...." Enough. The guy has won 38 games the last two years, best in majors. Last year, Wang had the lowest HR/9 innings pitched ratio in the AL (0.41). And so far, in his first two outings this year, he look like a total hoss for the Yanks. I know Santana, Halladay and Sabathia are great. But give this guy his due.

Speaking of the Yanks, let's talk about their schedule. I hate it. Because the Yankees are the Yankees, every time and every network wants to maximize their profits. What that means in short for the players, is that they play night games on getaway days. Almost all teams, on days they have to travel, will play day games, so they can get their flight out that night and get some sleep. but since the Yanks are such a draw when they come to town, teams want to play night games so they can et the biggest possible draw for their stadium. It happens five times this month, including days the Yanks have to play Kansas City, then catch a red-eye to Boston. Next month the Yanks have to play a night game in Oakland, then catch a red-eye to Houston to play th next night. Look, fair is fair. And that's just not right.

And lastly, we have Kenny Page. As you can see in the above picture, Kenny has money. Kenny also has no smarts. In fact, Kenny is sort of a tard. You see, this picture was taken from Kenny's own Myspace account (don't check, it was removed pretty fast). And as you can see, Kenny, who agreed to a scholarship to go play football for Clemson, is wearing an orange Clemson polo shirt, holding a stack of neatly wrapped 20s.

Now, of course, we can say, "No! Maybe he got the money from his Mom. A great job carrying bank payrolls. A rich uncle who is obsessively neat about wrapping his cash-based generosity in closely denominated bank-rolls. This doesn't prove anything." Well, sure, there aren't any Clemson orange tiger paws on the money wraps—which would have been only slightly more incriminating. But one thing is for sure, Clemson didn't give this scholarship for his brains.


Pete S said...

Hopefully, if we ignore Jose he will go away. And Clemens is an idiot for denying he was at Canseco's party. Try this Roger, "Yeah I was there...that guy's a jerk." Now we have to spend government tax dollars establishing that Roger Clemens is trying to hide something. Well, duh.

It would be a shame to see a lesser Harrison take the field when he could go out with more dignity, but he's being a team player. I think the Colts need him. Maybe he'll give it a try and realize that he's spinning his wheels. I respect him for trying, though.

Wang rules. He reminds me of Pettitte in that, even after several successful seasons, he is not getting enough respect. I have to admit, even I doubted Andy until he won so many big games that the truth was impossible to miss. Wang may have to go through the same thing because of the play-offs last year. I think Pettitte got rocked by Atlanta early in his career, and it influenced his early reputation unfairly. Wang is going through the same thing.

Kenny Page is a cretin. That's a lot of cash, but I'll bet he would have needed a wheel barrel if he went to one of the Florida schools.

P-Cat said...

Great point Pete! Why settle for Clemson when the real money is at Florida State or Miami!!

I just don't get why, every time I hear the guys on ESPN or CNNSI talk about great pitching, they never, ever, as a rule, mention Wang. And, coincidentally, no ever mentions Marvin when talking about best receiver in the NFL, even though the guy numbers-wise is as good as anybody.

Anyway, before I lose my mind, I'll just say thanks, Pete for the comment.