Friday, May 30, 2008

Hooray For Me

Not a real entry here; just a-tootin' my own horn. Here's two articles about Josh Hamilton and Ken Griffey Jr—stuff I wrote about already. Which means that these major sportswriters are reading my stuff and then biting off me!! Hooray for

Here's the Josh Hamilton article I wrote a while back followed by the SI article:

Here's the article I wrote on Ken Griffey followed by article written a few days later:

Just kidding about all the bragging stuff. I just wanted to say thanks to the readers of this blog. I love doing it and hope you guys like it.

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Pete S said...

You seem to be ahead of the pack quite a bit, Paul. Bully for you, old man.

The Josh Hamilton story is a good one. I remember when he was playing high school ball in Raleigh. I never saw him play, but apparently he took some batting practice with NC State's baseball team and was launching them well over the wall at Doak field. I think he was 15, making Division I baseball players look silly. I'm glad he's off the dope.