Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just saying....but I think Joe Blanton should shave that little beard nubbin and buy a NYC Subway map. Just a feeling I get.

I'm not one to doubt Donnie Walsh; the guy has an impeccable track record as a GM, but the choice of D'Antoni was a curious one. Currently, the roster has nothing of what D'Antoni usually favors. And it's going to be two to three years before, say Lebron and others can come and make the roster somewhat palatable to his tastes. For starters the Knicks would have to jettison Marbury, who should last about two to three minutes before pouting and sabotaging D'Antoni's authority. Eddy Curry is not going anyplace with cap-busting player options until 2011. Neither is Zach Randolph and another Isaiah mistake, Jared Jeffries. So, is Walsh going to let this year play out and suck up the roster until the contracts run out? Or is he going to drug some other GM and make trades with them while they are under his evil control? In any case, best of luck to Walsh and D'Antoni. They are going to need it to fix Isaiah’s mess.

Jason Giambi is done.

Get this. The MLB Player's Union is investigating whether Major League Baseball owners practiced collusion against Barry Bonds. In other words, poor Barry can't understand why no one wants to sign him for millions of dollars to play baseball. Hmmmm.....why wouldn't they want Barry on their team....why wouldn't some team want Barry in their clubhouse....near reporters.....hmmmmm. It just doesn't make any sense!!

I am shocked, yes, shocked to hear that a major collegiate institution such as USC might have been involved with the illegal gifting of a student-athlete!! That's outrageous!!! It has to be a lie because big-time colleges like USC, Alabama, Oregon, Mississippi State, Indiana and Missouri never commit violations to draw recruits to their universities. It's unheard of!!!

I think Sedrick Ellis is going to be an stud for the Saints immediately.

And last...award for complete douche of the week goes to Darrion Scott. First, last winter he got busted for pot in his car. Ok, fine. But then last week, Scott got busted for holding a plastic bag over a two-year-old's head. Scott claims he was playing a game. OK, what game involves a 290-lb. man holding down a 2-year-old, forcing a plastic bag over his head and seeing if he can get it off before passing out. He shouldn't be banned from the NFL; no. Scott should be banned from the human race.

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Pete S said...

Look at that picture - Giambi keeps good company. Seven homers and four singles? WOW. There are as many singles in that picture with Giambi than he has at the plate this year (rimshot).

There are a couple of BIG PRBLEMS that D'Antoni inherits. The Knicks' fat ass big men could not hope to keep up with the pace D'Antoni would want to set.

However, I think the Knicks guards could actually do okay in an up and down system. Marbury and Robinson are much better in transition. Even Crawford likes to get out and run.

Alas, D'Antoni may deviate from what Phoenix does now because of physical limitations at the forward spots, and that's a shame. The Knicks are gonna suck for a while.