Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It's a sad day in sports. Craphonso Thorpe—the best named man in American Sports—was waived by the Jacksonville Jaguars, meaning the NFL might be without a Craphonso this fall.

Gotta say about the whole Firing Willie thing...sounds like it was done classy. This is according to Newsday:

Minaya apparently fired Randolph, along with the two coaches, from his room at the team hotel. The shocking news was delivered by a mass e-mail sent to the media at 3:11 a.m. EST and included the replacements: Jerry Manuel, the bench coach for Randolph, is now the interim manager.

Nice. Makes Jerry Jones firing of Tom Landry via the media almost seem classy.

Mets fans. I have some more bad news. Read this.

Scott Kazmir—6-2, 1.74 ERA. 0.97 WHIP. Has given up 10 hits in last 21 innings.
Victor Zambrono—Still out of baseball.

How is Jim Duquette, then-GM of the Mets allowed to work anywhere in baseball? Really?

What's in the water over at Yankee Stadium? Especially the pitchers' water. Here's a quick look at their injury list.

  • Chien Ming Wang—Out til September at the earliest.
  • Chris Britton—Placed on the 15-day disabled list
  • Ian Kennedy—Out at least another two weeks
  • Jonathan Albaladejo—Out for the season
  • Brian Bruney—Transferred to the 60-day disabled list.
  • Phil Hughes—Out till August.
  • Humberto Sanchez—Transferred to the 60-day disabled list.
  • Carl Pavano—Placed on the 60-day disabled list.
  • Andrew Brackman—Out for season

And that doesn't include Posada, A-Rod, Wilson Betemit, Jeff Karstens and Andy Petitte—all of whom spent time on the DL this season.

Speaking of injuries to the Yanks pitching staff, I don't see the Yankees trading for C. C. Sabathia. And neither do MLB scouts. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, here's what they had to say.

"I'd be very surprised if that happened," said one official from a major-league team who follows the Yankees closely. "Cash has been very conservative the past few years."

Brian Cashman has dramatically changed the Yankees' culture. No longer do they trade multiple prospects for 21/2 months of Denny Neagle, or commit four years to Carl Pavano.
Amen to that. Not that I wouldn't be interested in Sabathia, but giving up a package of Austin Jackson, Phil Hughes and Alan Horne for four months of C.C. just doesn't float my boat.

And lastly, on a more serious note......between the U.S. Gold Open and the European Soccer Championship, I was glued to the T.V. this past weekend. The thrill of a putt...the magic of 66 straight minutes of no shots on goal. Aww yeeah., that's sports, baby.


Travis said...

I agree about Sabathia. My feelings are why would they want to trade for him this year, when they would certainly be in the running for signing him in the off-season and then keep all of their young guys?

Pete S said...

I agree as well. The Yankees don't need Sabathia enough to warrant what they would need to trade for him.

Minaya is a bit of a jackass and I think the whole Willie situation proves it. Randolph may have needed to go, but the Mets organization shamed themselves with the way they handled it.