Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Wait...Shaq still thinks he can rap?

Maybe Shaq should have sung this one...
Could have been the best big man ever to play this game
But I didnt work hard and just relied on natural ability
Never got into shape till February
Whut! Whut!
One other thing...I don't understand about this ridiculous "controversy" is the "that's just the MC culture" defense. There's been a lot of this defense lately—the "You don't get it, that's just the (fill in the blank) culture" defense. So relax, that's just the way they are, no big deal.


So, the culture Michael Vick grew up in electrocutes dogs, hangs them from trees—but we shouldn't get upset, Hey! That's just his culture.

OK, sure. Another culture performs cliterectomies on girls at age 13—but we shouldn't get upset. That's just their culture. Still another culture buries homosexuals in cement and punishes women for unforgivable crime of reading by shooting them in the back of the head. But hey, we shouldn't get upset—that's just their culture. Our culture, not too long ago kept an entire people in bondage...I guess we shouldn't haven't changed, because, hey, that was our culture.

OK, enough. Let's get to the sports. The big rumor going around yesterday is that the Yanks might be interested in Bronson Arroyo. Please let that just be media wishful thinking. Let's check the stats. For starters, Arroyo's got a 5.55 ERA (in the National League, mind you), has given up 104 hits in 86 innings, 14 of those being HRs. In fact, he's usually in the top 10 of the NL in giving up dingers—not what you want in short-porch rightfield Yankee Stadium. It gets worse. This year, he has a whopping 7.04 ERA against left-handers. Not what you want when you're facing Big Papi in October.

The stats go on. He has gotten progressively worse as his time in the NL has gone on. He's gotten past the 7th inning (again, in the lighter-hitting NL) once this season. And, for the post-season wishing Yanks, hear this—he's been awful in the postseason in his career. Oh by the way, he'll earn over 20 mil the next two season. All in all, not the best pickup for the Yankees.

By the way, Byron Leftwich still plays football. And he'd like a job, please if you have an opening. Hello....National Football League...hello?

BTW, word is the Redskins already have feelers out to Bill Cowher for nxt year's job. That's right—they have feelers out, before Jim Zorn even has his first freakin' camp. Nice organization.

The fact that Derek Jeter was ahead of Barry Zito on the MLB Junior High School girl-esque "Overrated List" just proved how whine-y and pathetic an idea that list really was.

Also in the NFL news, while Chad Johnson gets all the headlines, word out of Bengal camp is that things are going quite well. Carson Palmer is making all the receivers giddy with the work he's put in to his deep ball accuracy and Joseph Johnson is turning heads on the defensive end. Along with a pretty good draft (including much-needed DT help in Pat Sims), the Bengals might actully live up to potential this year. Marvin Lewis would like that very much, yes.

Latest word is Brian Cashman "seems likely to sign a contract extension" with the Yankees. Thank the lord for small mercies. Hank "mini-George" could have easily turned the Yanks into the Redskins North and we'd never get to smell a championship no matter how much money he threw out there.

And lastly, no comment. just wanted to show this picture of Al Davis.

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Pete S said...

Great statements on culture, Paul. Bravo. Like Thomas Haden Church said in the movie Sideways, "I went deep last night, DEEP."

Al Davis looks like Heat Miser's crabby grandfather in that picture. What a horrifying picture.