Monday, June 30, 2008


Do yourself a favor—with the Beijing Olympics coming, keep an eye out for Bela Karolyi calling the gymnastic routines. I just saw him coloring for Bob Costas at the Olympic gymnastic trials, and Bela let loose with a whole lot of freaky-crazy bizarre responses hed had right at his fingertips. Watching Costas try not to laugh as Karolyi goes on and on with some of the most nonsensical color commentary you'll ever see might be absolutley priceless TV.

How are the White Sox getting everyone to have career year at the same time? They must have force-fed Carlos Quintin his spinach because his slugging percentage is up .200 points over last year and is tied for the AL lead with 19 HRs. Also, they have John Denks pitching at almost 3 runs under what his ERA was last year. In fact their whole staff seems to be pitching like they're tapping into their inner Cy Young. Even after trading Jon Garland, arguably their staff's most reliable starter, the White Sox are pitching at a remarkable 3.39 ERA, when last year's staff threw up a meaty 4.77 ERA. And the team as a whole is batting almost 20 points higher than last year's squad. So it begs the question: were last year's team playing below their talents, or is this year's squad playing way above?

So Manny Ramirez shoves a traveling secretary to the ground for not getting him 16 free tickets. No big deal, it's just Manny being Manny.

Why is Seattle in such a rush to get rid of Eric Bedard? The Mariners, just a few months after they traded a bunch of prospects for him, are now practically treating him like a running sore they just want to get rid of. Well yes, he got off to a slow start—not unusual for a pitcher in a new town—but now, he's got his ERA down to a 3.79 and his WHIP down to a more representative 1.30. Also, his last 19.2 innings, he's had 18 Ks, more like the Bedard of old. So why is Seattle shopping him? I know, Seattle's season is already shot, and Bedard hasn't exactly made a bunch of friends in Seattle, but why trade him, when you can keep the 29-year-old lefty and pair him with Felix Hernandex for the next 8 years or so? My advice, Seattle, keep Bedard as part of the cornerstone to build on. Lefties like him don't grow on trees.

Of course, I've got all the faith in the world with Donnie Walsh's track record....but man, he better be sure about this Italian kid he just drafted. because if this kid is more Fredric Weis than Dirk Nowitzki, the crowd at MSG will take his head.

See the picture to the left. It'll give you a hint as to why I don't want the Yankees to trade for Rich Harden.

And lastly, regarding Wimbledon, I don't know about you, but I just have a good feeling about this Federer guy.

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