Monday, July 21, 2008

Letter From A Ragin' Giant Fan

What follows is an actual real-life letter from my sister-in-law and brother-in-law to the Giants regarding the one-time seat licensing fee that all Giants fans have to pay—even ones who've been attending games for decades. Anyway, hope you enjoy. And if you do, write your own letter.

July 18, 2008

Mr. John K Mara
9 Westwood Dr
Harrison, NY 10528-2501

(914) 777-0544

Mr. Mara

I am writing not as a Giants fan, but as the wife of a
long time Giants fan. My husband and his family have
been season ticket holders for over 40 years. They
have followed the team regardless of the location or
the quality of the product you have put on the field.
In the ten years I have known my husband, he has
missed only one game...for our wedding. I have always
felt your ticket prices were disproportionate to the
experience, but who am I to interfere with a family
tradition. I just read about the price for the
personal seat license. As you can imagine, being a
40+year season ticket holder, my husband’s seats fall
in the $20,000 + category. Now, I’m not going to lie
to you, we’re probably one of the few ticket holder’s
in this category who can afford to pay this price
outright; but we’re not. If you are going to ask us to
invest upwards of $40,000 in your product, you are
going to have to give us (as well as other investors)
a better answer than “the price of the new stadium
went over budget”. For the record, that answer hardly
inspires confidence in the financial leadership of
this venture. No, you owe it to your “investors” to
provide a detailed explanation for the overtures,
complete financial records as well as a sound
financial plan for the future. At that point,
investors will have been given the appropriate
information to decide on the level of their
investment. I do not expect you to call each season
ticket holder directly, but I do expect you to call my
husband (Alexander B Swingle—646-). We will be happy
to help you arrange a town hall meeting at which you
can personally discuss the above.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Theresa Ryan, MD


Travis said...

Seriously, these seat license fees are getting outrageous. I've been hearing about this for about year with the new Cowboys stadium. One story: The minimum after paying for everything for a family of four in club seating: $78,350

P-Cat said...

78,000 dollars. I mean, are they serious? Who the heck could afford that. I can barely afford the cable to get the NFL Network, much less money for the RIGHT to spend thousands of dollars for a ticket.

Travis said...

Yeah it is truly just astounding. That price was for the cheapest seat license, plus the season tickets, plus a parking pass. I think highest cost license was $50,000 per seat. Now I do enjoy seeing a game live, but I think I enjoy more watching it in HD at my boss' house with a keg and cooking out, or ordering in.