Monday, July 7, 2008


Don't know if you guys ever saw Boris Becker or Bjorn Born play, but for my money, yesterday's Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal match was the best tennis match I've ever seen. And except for the Giants upset of the Patriots, the best sporting event I've seen for the year.

And hey, congrats Nadal. But could you please buy some new underwear, so you could stop picking your butt after every point. With all your Wimbledon winnings, I have one word for you: boxers.

And further congrats to the Brewers for winning the Sabathia sweepstakes. Even if it is just a rental, they get half a year of one of the most dominant lefties to help them try to close the 3-1/2 game gap between them and the Cubs. And even if they lose Sabathia and Sheets in the offseason, they get 5—that's right, 5—of the top 35 draft picks next MLB draft.

ESPN writer Paul Kuharsky has an interesting article about next year's draft. With the collective bargaining agreement about to be jettisoned and Commisioner Goodell making comments about how it is "ridiculous" to reward unproven rookies with guaranteed contracts of up to 30 million dollars or more, a whole bunch of juniors might want to enter the draft early so they can get paid before the whole system changes. interesting article. Check it out.

Word is that the Cubs are jamming the phone lines to Oakland in hopes of landing Rich Harden. But the question is will Oakland trade him. Entering Monday's games, Oakland is 47-41 and still in it for both the AL West and the Wild Card hunt. Does Oakland GM Beane call it a season and trade Harden and get killed by whatever fan base Oakland has, or does he keep him and try to make a run for it? Either way, he's got some thinking to do before July 31st.

No seriously, how are the White Sox doing it? Mirrors? Bribes? Gandalf casting "Befuddlement" spells on opposing hitters? In any case, there is no way this team should be in front of the AL Central. Or the that the Twins should be in second place.

The left side of the Falcon offensive line is shaping up to be rookie Sam Baker at left tackle and 2nd year player Justin Blaylock at left guard. That slippery spot at the line of scrimmage is coming from the drool of opposing defensive lines getting ready to tee off on Bonus Baby quarterback Matt Ryan. Lotsa luck, rook.

Lost in all the Joba—Jacoby rookie talk is Greg Smith of the Oakland A's. This kid has a 3.62 ERA and has only given up 87 hits in 104.1 innings. Like I said, Billy Beane is going to have a tough July deciding whether he should pack it in this season and trade Rich harden or try to win the West with the Athletics' sick pitching staff.

And finally, Brett. Stay retired. Really.

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