Tuesday, July 15, 2008


After a short vacation, I'm back. Let's get started.

To all the people—and there were a lot of them—who said the Yankees overpaid to sign Mariano Rivera this winter...nice call.

Get these stats. A 1.06 ERA. A 0.64 WHIP. 50 strikeouts in 42.1 innings. For those numbers on my team, I'd give Rivera my nephews and nieces if that's what he demanded.

Supposedly Chris Simms is interested in joining the Cowboys as a backup. That might be a good idea for him. He's only 26, has shown that he can be a capable player in this league. And it would get the pressure off him for the time being as he recuperates. I think it might be worth it for the Boys to take a flier on the kid as Romo's backup.

Word from cheese country is that more than a few Packers are ready for Farve to move on and they've had enough of the "Will-He-Play-Or-Wont-He" soap opera. Frankly, it seems ole Brett has forgotten that the Packers aren't his personal sandlot team. He retired, said he didn't want to play and a couple of months later, when he rethinks the situation, he gets offended when the Packers don't drop all their plans and offer him the starting job immediately, now that he's made up his mind.

He wept. He said he had nothing left. He said he didn't want to play. "It's over," he said. He completely rejected the notion that the Packers pushed him out. Now he says, he was “never fully committed” to retiring and felt pressured by the Packers to make a decision. He say now that he feels "unwelcome."

Unwelcome? You retired, dude. It's right here.

The Packers have had to go through this kind of diva-quality, "the-world-revolves-around-me" behavior from Farve the past few offseasons when he couldn't make up his mind to retire until around May. (Remember, the Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers in 2005 because they weren't sure if Farve was retiring.) And now, as is being reported on the web, Brett is going on the record smearing Packer GM Ted Thompson, saying that Farve lobbied Thompson to sign Randy Moss and get Steve Mariucci to be head coach, but that Thompson didn't listen to him. But then he says, these aren't the reasons he retired.

So, if they aren't the reasons you retired, why mention them? Oh, yeah, you need to win the court of public opinion and distract people from the fact that you're a diva. And who cares if Ted Thompson didn't listen to you? You're a freakin' QB, not the GM. That's his job and his call. He doesn't have to listen to you because that's not your job and this isn't your team. So please, Brett, please. For the love of God, Brett, go drive your tractor down in Mississippi and go away.

Some St. Louis fans want the Cardinals to trade for Jarrod Washburn. Really? Seriously. I think the Mariners would buy the ticket to Missouri and a new pair of red cleats for Washburn if St. Louis would make the deal. Likewise, the Cubs have been sniffing around Khalil Green. And again....really?

The father of Jaguars receiver Matt Jones says his son claims no responsibility for the cocaine seized in the car he was driving with two other men. Police say Jones was inside a car cutting up cocaine with a credit card before he was arrested. Jones says he spoke to Coach Del Rio of the Jaguars and said he made a mistake. A mistake....Hmmm, the over/under on the Jaguars cutting Matt Jones just dropped from after camp to two days.

And lastly....why does anyone run around in narrow European streets with bulls that can weigh up to 2000 pounds and possess long pointy horns. Really people, if you want to feel "alive" go run to your local bar, do a few shots of tequila and play some White Stripes on the juke box. Really loud.


Pete S said...

Dumbest thing someone can do...I would have to say the hunter who was filmed putting doe urine all over himself and trying to pet a 220 buck. The guy got his ass kicked by this giant deer six ways from Sunday.

The Jets should pick up Favre. He's a good fit if he grows up a little!

ABS said...

I disagree with you about Pamplona, in fact as a believer in Darwinism they should run it all often. Gotta cull the herd (pun intended)