Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Boy, he's barely gone, and I miss Jeremy Shockey already.

Former Notre Dame wide receiver and potential NFL first round draft pick, Jeff "Jabberjaw" Samardzija is a potential call up for the Cubs in September. After a slow start, Samardzija has a 4-1 with a 3.13 ERA in AAA Iowa. If Samardzija even provide a smidgen of relief for the Cubs pitching staff in September, it'll make it that much harder for the Cardinals and Brewers. And, to remind you, I predicted the Cubs for the World Series back in March.

Carl Pavano is about to start a rehab assignment in hope of making good on the 4-year 40 million dollar investment. Good luck with that, Carl.

And Barry Bonds' free agency availability continues on unabated.

Baseball America reports that Deolis Guerra, the other major part of the package the Mets sent for Johan Santana, is struggling in Low-A ball. His mechanics are a mess and his fastball is down to the high 80s. Not good for a kid who's only 19 years old. Maybe the Twins should have taken the Phil Hughes package instead.

Is Brett Farve done pouting yet for Greta Van Suesteren?

And, lastly, this past Saturday, 53 years ago, one of the most astounding accomplishments in baseball history occurred. Vern Law of the Pirates, throws eighteen complete innings of a 19 inning game. Think about that—that's two complete games in one afternoon. In those 18 innings, Law only gives up 9 hits and 2 runs, while striking out twelve. Despite this, he is taken out for a pitch hitter after the eighteenth inning. Reliever Bob Friend, who pitches one inning, gets the win.


Anonymous said...

"Jabberjaw"? Not sure where that came from but the kid is legit. Samardzja should be a starter for the Cubs in about a month.

P-Cat said...

That was his nickname at ND, because he had a big jaw.

Travis said...

Jabberjaw is a great nickname. There aren't many good ones anymore.