Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Truly, this year has got to be one of the most amazing in recent sports history. The Giants defeating the Patriots, the Nadal-Federer match. And now, the incredible last twenty meters against the French in the 4x100m relay. Truly awesome stuff. One thing, though—Mike, do me a favor. Pick up your pants a little bit. Please.

So, now, 1st round bears pick, Chris Williams is out with a back injury. Well, heck, usually those aren't so bad...right?

Really, what's with the Bear's first round picks? Going back to Curtis Conway in 1993—since then, they've only hit it 3 times, with Brian Urlacher, Tommie Harris and Walt Harris. Some of the other picks? Rashaan Salaam, (picked ahead of Ty Law and Derrick Brooks), Curtis Enis (picked ahead of Fred Taylor, Keith Brooking and Randy Moss), Cedric Benson (picked 60 picks ahead of Frank Gore), Michael Haynes (picked ahead of Troy Polamalu), David Terrell (picked 22 picks ahead of Reggie Wayne and 28 picks ahead of Chad Johnson) and Cade McNown, whom the Bears passed up on Daunte Culpepper to take. Guys....not a good legacy.

Speaking of the Bears, this one really hurt. Mushin Muhammad called out—and by called out, I mean totally ripped—the Bears. He said, and I quote, "Chicago is where receivers go to die." Hey Musie, not to defend the Bears or Rex Grossman, but when did you exactly turn into Marvin Harrison or Jerry Rice? You've had a decent career, but really, just shut it.

So, I guess we're back to Gary being Gary. Wish I could say I didn't see this coming—that is, Sheffield returning to his jerk ways—but I did. And here he is, right on cue.

I don't think that Joe Girardi or his coaching staff has gotten enough credit in getting Mike Mussina to pitch so much better this year. Moose's ERA is almost 2 full points lower than it was last year. While it seemed at times last year, he was pitching scared, this year, with the edict given to him by pitching coach Dave Eiland and Girardi to challenge hitters, Moose already has more strikeouts than he did all of last year, and his WHIP has dropped from 1.47 to 1.20. That kind of stuff should get noticed—the Yanks coaching staff should get some credit.

And lastly, after watching a little of ESPN's coverage of pre-season Monday Night Football....man I wish I had the NFL Network. Instead of whatever soap opera fomenting, bad TV sitcom plugging nonsense ESPN is calling their football coverage these days.

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