Monday, September 8, 2008

Ragin' Giant Fan Rages Some More!!!

For a while now, I've had the pleasure to help out a real Giant fan—a guy who's family has had tickets since the '50s. I've posted their letter to fight the personal seat licenses and the articles since then. And now, here's a email I got from Mr. Ragin' himself regarding his experience at the Giants home opener. Apparently, he had some problems with the other fans. Read on.

The security guy wouldn't let me in with a small paper bag with some comic books in it even though I opened it up for him.....I go inside and see women with pocketbooks walking around
I get excessively patted down every single part of my body—never been patted down before like that—also they have typical Political Correct nonsense where you can only be searched by someone of your own gender. I thought we were equal????
I go into the stadium—hand out almost 40 "NO PSL" flyers to people I got from the anti-PSL website. No one waving them at all—I was the only one standing up with it during the commercial breaks. Ooooh we are scared to get into trouble
Walked up the stairway holding it when I went to get a beer—maybe a few hi fives and one "Mara/Tisch suck" guy chanting that's it. Got some contemptuous smirks from Giant player families section -- wonder if they will have to pay PSLs?
Spineless "fans" deserve this organization. I felt no enthusiasm even thought they won. Sadly this might be my last season. Go Bills!!!
I hear ya, Ragin'. The only way the PSLs have a chance of going away is if fans join up together and protest it. But if everyone goes along like lemmings—then the Giants win and PSLs are here to stay.

As always, if you guys want to join the fight against ridiculous seat licenses, write your congressman. Ragin' Giant Fan did and got a great response. Help out.

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