Sunday, September 14, 2008

Raging Giant Fan Gets More Of His Rage On!

Got an Email from Ragin' this week to alert to a tasty little tidbit. Without further ado....from the World's Most Dangerous Newspaper...The New York Post.

The co-owner of the New York Giants has scored a new record - he paid the highest price ever for a co-op in Manhattan, a $48 million apartment on the Upper East Side.

Jonathan Tisch, who also is chairman of Loews Hotels, won a bidding war for the 14-room residence at 2 East 67th St.

"Trophy properties like [Tisch's] are continuing to be scooped up as if they were studios," said broker Dolly Lenz.

The huge price for the co-op beats the previous record by $2 million.

But while it's a record for a co-op, a condo in The Plaza hotel recently sold for $60 million.

So the guys who owns the Giants and is crying poverty because his shiny new stadium costs so dang much goes out and breaks a record for a Manhattan co-op. Interesting. I wonder if the co-op had a personal license requiring Tisch to spend a ton of money for the right to buy his co-op. That would be sweet.


ABS said...

nice related post from my buds (with classic pic):

Pete S said...

As the nuns used to say back in Catholic grammar school in Brooklyn, "The gawl of these fat cats!"