Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I'm actually glad Jose Molina hit the last home run in Yankee Stadium, considering he has Babe Ruth's body type pretty much to a tee.

So, when did Anthony Fasano turn into Mark Bavaro? For his first two seasons, Fasano had 14 receptions each year. This year, so far through 3 games this year for the Dolphins, he has 11, with 2 touchdowns—while averaging 3 yards a reception more than he did last year. But it's not just that; it's seeing him bust through tackles like Bavaro did. What the heck happened? He went from meh, to man.

Speaking of which—Matt Jones of the Jags. Coming to the season reeking of major bust, averaging just 33 catches his first three season, suddenly he has almost half that in just 3 games this season. Guess the threat of getting cut and having a cocaine bust hanging over your head (with all the lawyer fees) is quite the motivator, eh Matt?

Word is Stephon Marbury will be cut by the Knicks sometime this week. Well, that was a successful little foray with his hometime team, don't cha think? Ending up at around 14 pts a game (22 pts a game the year before we got him), around 5 assists (down from 9 a game), and getting undressed on defense on a nightly basis. But that's ok; we've only paid him 80 million for four years worth of work—or more than Kobe, Timmy, Dirk or Paul Pierce. Nice.

If Brian Cashman offers Jason Giambi a contract—any kind of contract—I grab my trusty kneecap-hitting pipe and call a cab.

Suddenly everyone is a UConn football fan. And sure, so far, they've been nice, with a 4-0 record. But really, people, they barely beat Baylor, who's lost to Wake Forest 41-13, and Temple. And they beat Virgina who led Richmond by the score 3-0 until the 4th quarter. I mean, so far so good for UConn football, but let's wait until they actually play someone—and considering they are in the Big East, that might be a while.

And speaking of complete jerks, here we have Josh Howard of the Mavericks. Aside from a variety of charges brought about from a racing competition in July, an open admission of majauana use during an interview, and throwing himself a big party during a playoff series where his coach Avery Johnson asked players to refrain from the clubs and nightlife—we have a new incident with Howard. While the original video has been pulled from the web, here is a news broadcast of the video. in it, Howard says he doesn't pledge alliegence because he's black.

This isn't a race issue. It's an idiot issue. Josh...this country has afforded you an amazing lifestyle—probably the best lifestyle in the history of humanity—for playing a game. You don't work, you play basketball. For that you get paid a truly obscene amount of money. And since you can't even be bothered to represent your country (Howard opted out of the 2006 Olympic Team Program), the least you could do—the very least—is not act like an ungrateful jerk for 2 minutes when the anthem is being played.

Not a great week to pick the Andaplayertobenamedlater's Man of the Week. However, finally, we'll go with Marion Barber of the Cowboys. 28 carries for 142 yards against the Packers on their home field. That, plus one touchdown. Nice going Barbie.

And last, even though I wrote something for the Stadium...just one last picture of one of my most favorite places on earth.

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