Saturday, October 11, 2008

2008 MLB Predictions Reviewed

Back when the season started I made predictions of who'd win what, and what I think would happen. let's see how well I did.

I Said:
For the AL East I said the Red Sox would win, with the Yankees picking up the Wild Card. I felt Toronto would be good and the Rays would be improved. Baltimore would be terrible.

Turns Out:
The Rays improved all right, all the way to the division title. The Red Sox were better than the Yankees, like I felt, and took the Wild Card. Toronto was good (86 wins) and the Orioles stunk.

I Said:
I thought the Indians pitching staff would lead to to the title and that the White Sox would stink. Ooops. I also thought that Detroit was overrated.

Turns Out:
Chicago and the Twins tied for division lead, while Detroit brought up the rear. Cleveland played .500 ball.

I Said:
That the Angels would run away with division, that the Rangers would stink, that the A's would play gamely but not compete and that the Mariners were on the upswing.

Turns Out:
3 out of 4. Angels did run away with it, but the Mariners stunk up the joint.

I Said:
The Mets would take the division, that the Braves would be second, the Phils third, and the Marlins and nationals a distant 4th and 5th.

Turns Out:
The Mets were in first, but like in 2007, blew the lead down the stretch to the Phillies. Florida played better than expected and the Braves much worse. The Nationals were terrible.

I Said:
Chicago would take it and the Brewers would be right behind them. Houston, the Reds and the Cards would battle for middle of the pack. The Pirates would, as always, bring up the rear.

Turns Out:
Exactly like I predicted. Cubs, Brewers up front, Pirates in the rear. Only difference was the Brewers grabbed the Wild Card and not the disappointing Braves.

I Said:
Arizona would take the division, Rockies next, the Dodgers would trail them, then the Padres and Giants.

Turns Out:
The Dodgers edged out the D-Backs. No one else in the West offered any resistance to those two.

Back in early April, I predicted this:

AL East — Red Sox
AL Central — Indians
AL West — Angels
AL Wild Card —Yankees
AL Pennant — Angels

Turns Out, it was this:
AL East — Rays
AL Central — White Sox
AL West — Angels
AL Wild Card — Red Sox
AL Pennant — ??????

And for the NL, I said this:

NL East — Mets
NL Central — Cubs
NL West — Diamondbacks
NLWild Card —Braves
NL Pennant — Cubs

When it turned out, it was this:

NL East — Phillies
NL Central — Cubs
NL West — Dodgers
NL Wild Card — Brewers
NL Pennant — ?????

Overall, a surprising season. Who could have predicted the Rays to earn a better record than the Red Sox or Yankees? That the Mets would collapse again. That the Indians, even with Cliff Lee's incredible season, couldn't get over the .500 hump? That Kansas City or Oakland would have a better record than Detroit? Amazing, unpredictible. But we still do. Let's watch the playoffs and see what else happens.

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