Sunday, October 12, 2008

College Football Is Awesome

When I was a kid I hated New Year's Day. All day long, there was nothing on but stupid college football with those stupid marching bands they all love so damn much. And teams I never heard of from states I didn't care about. Purdue, where the heck was that? What's a Tulane? Why can't they put on some real football with Jets, Colts and Vikings?

Then I grew up.

What could be better than the games we had on yesterday? To start we had Colt McCoy (by the way, best name in sports right now) and Sam Bradford combined for 664 yards passing in what was probably was one of the most fun games on at noon in a long time.

Then we had Oklahoma State, which had gotten a 5-0 record by beating absolutely nobody and was primed to get spanked by the 3rd ranked Tigers, went into Missouri's house and stopped the sick Tiger offense—which had been averaging 53 points a game—and pulled out a 28-23 win.

Then last night, we had Florida, which was upset at home a few weeks ago by 2-2 Ole Miss, just beat the holy crap out of no. 4 ranked LSU. Just made them look foolish for a 51-21 win.

Which means that 3 out of the top 5 ranked teams in the country got upset this weekend. And that's with one of those top-ranked teams, Alabama, off this weekend.

How sick is that? That's like having 3 crazy upsets—like when the Giants beat the undefeated Patriots in the Super Bowl—just this weekend alone.

And that doesn't include Vanderbilt getting upset by 1-4 SEC cellar dweller Mississippi State. Or the wild, last-second fumble recovery by the Tar Heels to beat Notre Dame and to remain ranked.

Not that I'm hating on pro football—as I'm writing this, I'm waiting for my Jets to lay a pasting on the horrible Bengals so Cincinnati can finally, and mercifully, fire Marvin Lewis and put him out of his misery. I loves me some pro football—there's nothing like seeing Peyton or Adrian on a Sunday afternoon. But the college game....there's something truly unique about it. There's really no doubt that any weekend, anything can happen. Just ask Appalachian State.

Now, if they could only get a playoff system......


Travis said...

Can we finally agree that the SEC is overrated this year?

P-Cat said...

Well, your gotta say the Big 12 is the big boys now. With 5 schools in top of the the USA Today poll, the SEC has gotta drop to second.

Travis said...

They have some teams up there, but I won't believe in Texas Tech until they beat a quality team. Nebraska (!) took them to OT last week. Tech reminds me of Kansas State from the '90s, they pad their record early against cupcakes and hope they can get lucky in conference play.

The BCS teams the played are 11-14 and the Division 1, or FCS or whatever they are called now that they have played are 6-6