Monday, October 6, 2008


Giants receiver, Plaxico (no, that's not a dish detergent, that's my name) Burress was suspended for one week for violating team rules.
So what, you might say. A wide receiver taking special treatment for himself is not news in the National Football League. However, this is.
For those of you who are link-clicking impaired, what the story says is that teammates of Burress' don't deny his talent, they are a little tired of his selfishness.

"This wasn't the first time he broke the rules," one of his teammates said this week. "We all knew something had to be done."
Teammates hardly ever side against each other in the media in this sort of story. Makes you wonder how much other stuff Plaxico did behind the scenes to get his teammates off his side in a coach-player disciplinary matter. Then again, with the way the Giants receivers punished Seattle on Sunday, maybe it opened their eyes to the fact that, they might just be fine without him. Just like Shockey.

Former no. 1 pick, defensive end Jamaal Anderson has zero sacks. Not for this year, for his career. 20 games, zero sacks. That number again, is zero.

The World's Most Dangerous Newspaper, the New York Post wrote an actually-well-thought-out article this weekend about the Yankees. Instead of screaming to sign anybody/everybody, prophesying doom or some other overly-loud piece, Joel Sherman actually spoke of patience and didn't guarantee anything if the Yankees listened to him. Sherman wrote of the White Sox and Rays and how youngsters—who pitched through bad starts and growing pains—are now pitching there team into the playoffs. Sherman doesn't guarantee that Hughes and Kennedy and Chamberlain will be superb next year; he just states that there is sometimes something to be gained by patience. A rare thoughtful article by a New York paper.

Nice to see that the world is right again. Seeing UConn in the AP top 25 last week just seemed weird. Seeing them get spanked by a NC team that has looked OK at best has set the world back on track for me.

Mario Williams: 4 sacks in 4 games. One forced fumble. 3 stuffs.
Reggie Bush: 3.5 yards a carry. 1 TD.
Just saying.

Something's wrong with Tony Romo. Not that he stinks or anything, but he is severely underthrowing a ton of open receivers—so either they are incomplete or the receiver is stopped after catching it and can't advance because they had to circle back to catch it. Just something to keep an eye on.'s Man of the Week doesn't go to Patrick Willis even though he tackled everything yesterday or Brandon Jacobs who ran over the Seattle defense at will, even though they both could have gotten it. Instead I'll give it to Reggie Wayne. Why? Well not that he had a bad day—7 catches for 97 yards. It is because he was there when the Colts needed him at the end of the game. 4 of his catches were in the fourth quarter; 3 for first downs and the fourth—a ridiculous one-handed catch with a defended draped on him—for a TD. Congrats, Reggie, you earned it.

And lastly, no reason to post this pic, other than I love it. I wish other sports besides college football did this kind of crazy stuff. So stupid, you have to love it.


Travis said...

The end of that Colts-Texans game was just insane. Those two fumbles by Rosenfels, man I felt bad for the guy. The TD catch by Wayne was one of the best I have ever seen. Wow, just wow.

On Plaxico, I think it was Jay Glazer on Fox, who reported last week that Plaxico has been fined 40-50 times since joining the Giants. No wonder they signed him to that big contract. Needed to make sure he would have the dough to pay all of the fines.

Regarding, Romo, some people here think all of the pressure maybe getting to him. Being the QB of the Cowboys. Having a high maintenance girl friend. Having a high maintenance wide receiver. All of the media scrutiny...after a win. I hope he can get it together.

Lastly, with all of the media coverage here today, you would have thought the Cowboys had lost yesterday. It is unbelievable.

Guess I had a lot to say. :D

P-Cat said...

Say as much as you like, dude. It's good to hear from you.

I hear you about Romo. All those pressures...I can see how it'd get to him.

Great comment on Plaxico.