Monday, October 13, 2008


I said this before—stop it Jets—with those nasty, nasty "throw-up," I mean, "throw-back" uniforms.

Speaking of the Jets, it should go without saying that Mangini and his team, know defensive talent when they see it. Picking Dwight Lowery in the 4th round, David Harris in the second last year, trading up to pick Darelle Revis in the 1st round last year, knowing that Kris Jenkins would fit well in the nose position of the 3-4. It seems with Kellen Clemens' development stalling, the inability to get a consistent running game and the non-factor of former draftee Brad Smith, that they aren't as can't-miss on the offensive side of the ball.

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I think I actually agree with Tim McCarver. That is to say, I agree with his criticism of Manny. Read this from McCarver:

"It's extraordinary - the dichotomy between what he was in Boston and what he is in Los Angeles. I mean, talk about wearing out your welcome in a town, and it was a long welcome with the Red Sox. But some of the things he did were simply despicable, despicable - like not playing, refusing to play. Forgetting what knee to limp on. And now it's washed, it's gone."
Tiny Tim is right. Not running out ground balls, faking injuries when you're getting paid like he was is despicable. It's ridiculous. And I've heard some defend him, and frankly I don't get it. If I was a teammate of Manny, and he didn't play his hardest—or at all—then the heck with Manny.

Interesting to see how the Giants handle the rest of the season when Plaxico Burress comes back. As one scout has said. "They're playing like they didn't win the Super Bowl....with an edge." And that's a testament to Tom Coughlin never letting these guys get comfy. And take a look at how the players are responding—siding with Coughlin over Plaxico. And more and more the Tiki Barber's of the world, complaining that Mean Old Tom was just a mean coach who was mean all the time......are looking like the crybabies they are.

I said it last week and I'll repeat it now—something's wrong with Tony Romo. I know, I know. His stats, 24 for 39 with 321 yards and 3 TD passes look great. And they are great. I'm not saying he stinks. What I am saying, is that his demeanor...something's wrong. Just look at the two passes he threw in overtime to Owens. They weren't good passes, and resulted in a 3 and out. I'm not sure if he's trying to hard to include everybody (and by everybody I mean Owens) or he's being hit more the last couple of games and he's playing scared. I don't know. But I get the feeling he's not himself right now.

If Tommy Bowden could have coached even a little, he'd still have a job. Because, dang, the man CAN recruit. Before he was fired, he was bringing 7 4-star recruits to the southern Carolina, and that was after he brought 12 4-star recruits and 1 5-star last year and two 5-star recruits a few years back. And it's been like that for year after year, with Bowden getting kids to go to a school that hasn't won jack and doesn't get huge national exposure. It really is a pity the man just couldn't get that talent to work as a team and win some ballgames.

There were a few candidates for Man of the Week—Former Boston College QB Matt Ryan's outstanding late drive to set up the winning field goal against Chicago; Drew Brees making a 26 for 30 day and 320 yards look easy. But the winner has to be Viking DT Kevin Williams who had 8 tackles and 4 SACKS!! against the Lions and helped hold the Lions to 100 yards on the ground total. 4 sacks and 8 tackles—the man was in the Lion backfield so much he could have gotten his mail there. Congrats Kevin on the award.

And finally, our hearts go out to Laker Luke Walton, who's stalker, Stacy Elizabeth Beshear, aged 34, was finally arrested. And from looking at her picture, we'll send Luke our best wishes and sympathies, too. Here's what Luke had to say about being stalked:

It's bananas. I'll be going to sleep at night and just randomly look out the window. Just to check. Just because. She has been out there at 12:30, 1:30 in the morning. She would park outside my house for hours and hours.

I would drive out, and I would see her peeking through. It would suck, because I know I'm leaving my home, and I know she's still there. What am I supposed to do? Is she planning on breaking in? Am I going to come home one day and she's sleeping in my bed? Is she going to steal my dog?

We hear you, Luke. And we sympathize, but mostly we hope you stop using words like "bananas." Actually, we take that back. If you just turn out to never sound like your father, that'd be enough for us.

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Pete S said...

I think I may have said this before, but What's wrong with the green and white uniforms? Last Sunday I saw some guy wearing an old kelly green Al Toon jersey and it looked cool. Who runs marketing over there? Plus that it a horrid shade of yellow. What do we call their defense now...gang bile? Sorry-I sound like one of the judges from Project Runway but they look silly.

I have to say it. Manny is another example of why I have the utmost respect for the Red Sox. when someone appears to dog it on that team, they ship his ass out. Oh you want a hundred mill, huh? Bye. Don't feel like playing 100% this month? Good riddance. Wanna sit on the bench and pout. Good - do it somewhere else. It was the same thing with Nomar. He starts gwetting snippy and all of a sudden he's in the National League. Apparently, they don't give a hoot who you are - if you mess with that team's chemistry, you're gone.

Tommy Bowden has the same disease as the rest of Bobby's assistants. Like Chuck Amato, for instance. He goes to NC State from Fla St., recruits Parade All American after Parade All American, and they still kept going 7-6. Then they fire him. Tommy B is the same way. Wake Forest is going to get a couple of more coaches fired if the ACC doesn't figure them out soon. They win with tier 3 recruits.