Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some College Football Thoughts

It's been pretty fashionable to rank on the ACC this season. So much so that about a week ago, some blowhard on said that the ACC should surrender its BCS bowl. Oh really?

I guess I see his point. I mean, nobody from the terrible ACC could beat anyone from the powerful SEC, right? Oh wait—the ACC went three for four against the vaunted SEC yesterday. Well who cares about the Wake Forest-Vanderbilt stuff—heck, nobody from the mediocre-at-best ACC couldn't possibly beat former no. 1 Georgia, could they? Oh wait.....

Why all the hate for the ACC, when you have the Big East and the Pac-10? Should the Big East surrender their BCS bowl bid, because their best team, Cincinnati, got exposed 52-26 when it played Oklahoma? Or lost 40-16 when it travelled to oh-so-tough, Storrs, Connecticutt? Should the Pac-10 fold it in because they have one very good team (USC), and a bunch of also-rans that regularly get beat. Should USC not go to a bowl game because they lost to Oregon State, who got undressed yesterday at home against the Ducks and got demolished by the Nittany Lions?

No. This is just an example of lazy sportswriting; sportswriters who'd rather not think and just repeat the same thing over and over ("The ACC is terrible"), it eventually becomes something than can use as a cliche in their writing.

Now, it is true there is no powerhouse in the ACC. No USC or Alabama. And writers hate that. And boy, do they hate the fact that former powerhouses, Miami or Florida State aren't dominating like they expect. Yes, they want those guys to come back, dominate the ACC like they expect and make their life easier so they don't have to think about the ACC.

Unfortunately for the sportswriters, the league is far more interesting in that. Instead of a league where there is a tried-and-true caste system, where there are year-in, year-out favorites, (Ohio State or Penn State in the Big Ten, Florida and Georgia in the SEC or USC in the Pac-10) and a lower level of castes following them (Indiana, Washington State, Mississippi State, Kentucky). And that is the way the writers want it. If actual competition comes in and say, Boston College or Wake Forest goes 9-3 and beats a Florida State or a Miami, then the league is "weak."

So instead of rightly praising a league where a team like Georgia Tech with a new coach goes 9-3 and beats Georgia, or Boston College, without Matt Ryan, returns to the ACC Championship game—a league where 10 teams earn bowl eligibility—you bash it because there's no one team that dominates everyone else. Makes no sense.

Boy, people sure love bashing Charlie Weis. Not that I love the man, but really, did he kill your dog?

That said, it is true that the problem with Notre Dame now, seems to be coaching. Weis has gotten top-ten recruiting classes every year he's been there. But it sure didn't seem like 5-star recruits playing out there against Syracuse and USC. Heck, USC's freshmen backups seemed to be teeing off on ND QB any time they wanted.

Waiting today, to find out who won the Big 12 South by waiting for the BCS standings—it's everything wrong about the system system college football has in place. Can we please have a better system in place for this kind of stuff, instead of letting a freaking computer say who won?

Check out this sack by Boston College's Mike Morrissey. Watch the video; it's about 10 seconds in the highlights.

BTW, did anyone notice that girl screaming in all the Oregon-Oregon State highlights. I mean, holy crap, has she got some pipes.


Pete S said...

Thanks for your ACC comments. The ACC has a lot of young teams. I think it's only a matter of time before Miami, Va Tech and Florida State put juggernaut teams on the field again. The BCS is flawed no matter how you slice it, so you're always going to have some bozos trying to rank conferences. I saw Georgia Tech run the triple option right down UGA's throat (and between the hedges). beloved Wolfpack won their last 4 games and is now bowl-eligible. Of course, it will be a weak bowl, but 4 wins in a row is something.

I don't know who ranks these recruits, but I agree with you that I do not see Parade All American talent on the field for ND even though the recruit trackers say the talent is there. Did Weis eat them all? Charlie the Hutt no bargain. Notre Dame Bantha poodoo.

I did hear that harpie screaming during the Oregon game highlights. Very funny!

P-Cat said...

Hey, I know your Wolfpack came on strong near the end of the season. Should be a tough team next season.

Travis said...

I really hate recruit rankings. They are usually so meaningless. There were so many years that Texas would have a top 5 class, and couldn't even win their division.