Monday, November 17, 2008


Just want to give a big pat on the back to the sometimes dismissive and arrogant Baseball Writers' Association of America. What's the back-pat for? Well, first, for three writers including Edinson Volquez on their National League Rookie of the Year ballots despite his not being a rookie. For about three years! (He was a Ranger for 3 years and was the dude traded for Josh Haimlton...hello, writers?) Then three other voters somehow left Roy Halladay off the American League Cy Young ballots. Halladay was 20-11 with a 2.78 ERA and had 206 SO. Good going guys. Not embarrassing at all, BWAA.

Not sure how to take Asley Fox's article in the Philly Inquirer, McNabb Era Likely Over. On the one hand, she really isn't wrong about anything. McNabb isn't playing very well—he's been a turnover machine lately. And she isn't wrong when she writes:

If the Eagles miss the playoffs for the third time in four years, and there's absolutely no reason to think that they won't, someone has to go. Given the tight relationship in the front office, it's unlikely that Jeffrey Lurie will fire Joe Banner or Reid. Reid won't let go of offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg.....The likely scenario, despite Reid's undeniable bond with the man he selected out of Syracuse with the second pick in the 1999 draft, is that the Eagles will say thanks and goodbye to McNabb.

And while my 2 cents do add that I've always thought McNabb, while a very good quarterback, was always a little overrated. Very good, never great. That said, the man this year, has thrown for 2711 yds this season (4th in NFL), and has a good, but not great 84.7 QB rating (with no dependable receivers to help him). It seems like the Eagle fans are waiting for McNabb to single-handedly save the season for them. To my mind, he was never that guy—and getting disappointed when he can't do it all by himself, is silly. My gut instinct is that the Eagles fans have gotten a little spoiled. And all they need to do is ask the Viking fans how it feels to be a fan of a franchise who is desperate for a steady hand at the wheel.

Speaking of which, there are some rumors the Vikings are already scouting Matt Cassell in preparation of next March's free agency. I'd think it'd be much more fun if the Jets got him.

Speaking of the Jets, that Dustin Keller selection is looking more and more like a nice move the Jets made in last year's draft.

Yankee beat writer Peter Abraham thinks the Yankees should be cautious in free agency and that it might not be wise to sign older players to big contracts. Thanks for the wise words, Pete.

Good news for Yankees. Apparently, the Player's Association is pushing C.C. Sabathia to take the Yankees offer because going for the big money would set a higher bar for all pitchers. Apparently, the thinking goes, if Sabathia takes the smaller offer, other pitchers would get lesser offers from the owners. Early money is, Sabathia will take the Yankees offer, but only after some more negotiating.

Rumor has it that Randy Edsall is the frontrunner of the Syracuse ORangemen football job. Why the heck would he take it? Sure Edsall is a graduate of Syracuse, but as a guy who built a non-existatn program to be actual contenders of the Big East, why would Edsall go back to a moribund Big East program? My guess, Edsall give a polite "No thank you," and eyes bigger programs.

Man of the Week Award goes to Kurt Warner. It was a really easy one, this week. Sure Chad Greenway had 16 tackles and a sack, but really, Warner's stats read as this: 32 for 44 for 395 yards. It's his 4th 300+ game in a row. He completed passes to 7 different receivers and completed 19 of his first 21 passes. Dang. Congrats to you, Kurt.

And lastly....really great to hear that Jeremey Shockey is getting punted to no. 2 tight end in New Orleans behind the immortal Billy Millner. Not only is Shockey mouthing off, perpetually injured, but it's also clean now that he still doesn't have a strong grasp of the Playbook. This despite having played with Sean Payton while he was a Giant. Good going, Shocks. At this rate, you'l;l be out of football in 3 years and I wont have to write about your dumb antics anymore.

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Travis said...

If Philly does get rid of McNabb, more than likely by week 3 of next season they will be regretting it. There are some teams out there that would probably be pretty damn good if that even had mediocre QB play.

Look at Miami, and how they did until they got a (finally) healthy Pennington on their team. The Cardinals have had 2 of the best WRs in the game, but it didn't mean jack until Warner was able to get them the ball. The list is endless.

Now maybe Kolb is the real deal, or the Eagles can sign someone to takeover, but I doubt whoever that is still wouldn't be at McNabb's caliber. Plus, as you said if he had some help from the receivers he would probably loo even better.