Sunday, November 23, 2008


Lendale White is a waste of a draft pick, as well as oxygen. Just a jerk.

Don't look now, but the Giants vaunted, swarming, pound-the-quarterback d-line only has 2 sacks in their last 2 games; one by Kiwanuka and one by Tuck. Has the rest of the NFL finally adapted to Spagnoulo's defensive schemes?

With Osi coming back, what do the Giants plan to do with their defensive end situation? Mathias Kiwanuka has 6.5 sacks playing against the other team's left end each game while Justin Tuck has 9.5 coming off the right end. Are they going to shift Kiwanuka again back to ROLB when Osi Umenyiora comes back? Doing that basically forces Kiwanuka to leave as a free agent ASAP when his time comes. Maybe shifting Tuck inside is the answer, but do you think you can do that every down? In any case, the Giants are going to make somebody angry next training camp.

Really, how is Wisconsin bowl-bound at 7-5 with a "woo-ee lookee-here" win over Cal-Poly? Or Notre Dame with a loss to the freakin' Orangemen? The bowl selection is ridiculous. Any team that is barely treading water at .500 does not deserve a bowl game. It's ridiculous.

It's draft mocking season already, and a quick look-see shows that Mel Kiper has drunk the Kool-Aid on B.C.'s DT B.J. Raji and has put him at no. 9 on his Big Board. None of the other major draft web sites has Raji so high, but if you saw him decimate the Notre Dame line a few weeks back, you'd put him that high yourself. Also, consider the fact that nobody can run against the Eagles—and how finding a true run-stopped is always in high demand in the NFL—and you figure Raji will be gone by the late first round in next year's draft.

I love Bernie Williams, I really love him. But really, Bernie, just call it a career. Please.

Andaplayertobenamedlater's Player of the week is......Lendale White. no, just joshing. It's Brett Farve. Now this site has let Brett Farve have it a whole bunch of times. but when the man plays well, we'll give him his due. And against the best team in the NFL, Farve (except for one awful pass) played controlled well-executed football. Farve threw 25 for 32 and just surgically killed the Titans with short passes and screens. Well done, Brett, well done.

I wrote last week about Philly fans missing McNabb when 's gone (even though he's been a little overrated his whole career). And that will be true. But man, he is playing awwwwwwww-ful lately.

And finally, Notre Dame.............ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


Pete S said...

Good call on Lendale White. He's like an ill-mannered Ron Dayne.

You're right, P-Cat...Bernie needs to stick to the guitar. There's no need to taint a great image with an ill-advised comeback. My question is this...does he deserve to have his number retired? I have been pondering that since he hung up his cleats.

P-Cat said...

hey Pete. Always good to see you.

Retire Bernie's number.....damn that's a tough one. 5 time All-Star. 1998 batting champ. Integral part of 4 World Champs. On the other hand, should he be with Berra, Ruth, Dimaggio? He was never anywhere near an MVP. I don't know....but I'd lean no.

Pete S said...

Thanks...always good to read your blog.

I hear you. I think Jeter and Rivera will be HOF inductees as well as have their images in Monument Park(and deservedly so for both of them), but Bernie and Posada will be on the outside looking in. So will Pettitte. It's a shame, but they can't all make it! Bernie is very close, though. I would not complain if they retired his number and Posada and Pettitte were left out.