Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Giambi to the Rays? Yeah, sure why not? They could use some pop in their lineup. And he could grow his hair long and be all purdy again.

Congrats to Tom Jackson for saying this about Plaxico Burress; "That's why there's such a disconnect between fans and athletes. Plax signed a 35 million dollar contract and then goes and do something like this." Heck yes, Tom. America is a pretty forgiving place, but when an idiot like Plaxico gets suspended—repeatedly—protests for, and signs a gigantic new contract, then goes out with a gun and shoots himself in the leg....well, "disconnect" is a good word for how America feels about Mr. Burress right now.

Are we done with Reggie Bush being "Explosive" and a "game-changer?" More fumbles than TDs. Yeah, def worth the no. 1 pick.

Tough article in the Worlds' Most Dangerous Newspaper today about Andy Pettitte. Tough, but not without its points. Basically, Joel Sherman's point is:

If Pettitte signs elsewhere, regardless of the dollar figure, he should be viewed as a world-class phony forever around here.....In his moment of need, when it was revealed Pettitte was both a liar and cheater, the Yankees stood by him last season. At that time, Pettitte was only too happy to say the Yankees were the only team he ever wanted to play for any more. He did not say he only wanted to play for the Yankees unless they offer him a paycut.The Yanks have indeed offered that cut. Pettitte made $16 million last year and, according to sources, he was offered $10 million to return in 2009. So far, Pettitte has rejected that bid while his camp has done nothing to dispel reports linking him to Joe Torre and the Dodgers.

Hate to say it, but Andy, Sherman's right. you owe it to the Yankees. They stood by you when you were down. Only right to return that good turn. And it's not like your performance was worthy of a big payday either, Andy.

Another interesting article in the Post talks about how the Plaxico contract the Giants gave him before the season has many, many loopholes. Basically, if the Giants cut Plax—and frankly, with the way they are playing without him, they'd have to think about it long and hard—they'd save 23 mill off the books. And with Brandon Jacobs and Amani Toomer coming into free agent years, the Giants would have tons of money for those guys if they cut Plax.

It's going to be an ugly 6 months in Cleveland. First off, Ken Dorsey is starting for the rest of the season; he of the 61.6 passer rating. And unless he channels his inner Kurt Warner, Cleveland is going to lose out the rest of the year. Which mean a new coach search. And starting over. Not something the Dawg Pound wants to do....again.

Is Norv Turner fired yet?

The Andaplayertobenamedlater Man of the Week Award goes to Jon Gruden. What....why? Well, for letting Cadillac Williams score a TD in the 3rd quarter. The guy was told by docotrs that he may never fully recover and that his football career was in serious jeopardy. And all he does is come back in about a year and contribute. So two arards this week; one to Cadillac for all the hard work and dedication he showed in coming back, and one to Gruden for getting him in a position to contribute. Excellent work guys.

Lastly....I can't help it. Every time I see the Greg Oden ESPN the Mag commercial (a terrible magazine, btw), I laugh. The look he has on his face as he's standing next to the big poster of him, with the same face. Awesome......


Travis said...

Bush: I never liked him as a number 1 pick. Right now he is a grossly overpayed Kevin Faulk, he just gets injured more.

Turner: I expected their defense to be worse because of the loss of Merriman, but not this bad. He is supposed to be an offensive genius and his offense isn't that good this year either. If he doesn't get fired at the end of the season he should get on his knees and pray.

Pete S said...

Who's laughing at the Texans for taking Mario Williams now? The guy's a man child. Six foot, seven inch pass rushers don't grow on trees; fumble prone, glorified scatbacks are easier to come by. The only impact Reggie Bush has is on the Saints' payroll.

The Chargers should beg for Marty S. to come back...and I mean beg. He got a raw deal a couple of years ago after building that team. Next stop for Norv Turner will be college, just like another ex-Cowboys assistant who couldn't handle the big chair - Dave Wannstedt.

It's tough for a Yankee fan to admit it, P-Cat, but you're absolutely right about Pettitte. Ten million is fair.