Monday, January 5, 2009


Brett.....just retire. Now. Seriously.

Hate to say it, but I told you about Chad Pennington. I love the guy. He's a true "good Guy" and I wish him well. But I knew, come playoff time and he's playing the Titans, Steelers or Ravens—and not the 1-15 schedule they were playing all year—that his lack of arm strength was gonna catch up with him. And some of those deep passes he floated out there—especially the Ed Reed floater that was too inside and lofted like a fly ball—just exemplified what we thought this year; that Tony Sparano did a fantastic job with the Wildcat schemes and mixing up his offense, masking Chad's arm.

I know Minnesota traded a ton to get him, and then gave him a room full of money to keep him....but Jared Allen really is that good.

Yeah, the whole "SpyGate" thing really seems to be blocking Eric Mangini getting job interviews.

And regarding the whole 'Who should the Jets hire as new head coach?" thing, Merril Hoge is the only guy to bring up actual salient points (instead of the "Go Get Cowher!" Go get Spags!" screamers).

"The Jets' personnel does not fit either one of these coordinators' schemes," said ESPN football analyst Merril Hoge. "That's the biggest problem for these guys. You can only do so much."

Not that you don't hire either of these guys based on that alone. But you just gave away Jonathan Vilma 8 months ago, spent a ton of money to get Calvin Pace, and both these things have to be considered when you are considering a guy like Steve Spagnuolo, who runs a very different 4-3 defense. What do you do with Pace now?, Who's the second defensive tackle? On the other hand, maybe Spags would be able to get through to Vernon Gholston, who so far, is a huge bust.

One last thing on Mangini getting fired, gotta hand it to Peter King for writing about something that bothered me too. King write that it seemed a bit over-the-top the way the tabloids bit into Mangini when he got fired. "I realize you get this big money in the big game in the big city, but did Mangini, after two winning seasons in three years as coach, deserve to be treated like some... Son of Sam?" Agreed. The guy didn't do that bad a job. Why all the over-the-top hate?

I know I'm not the first to say this....but Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco both have the chance to be very, very good for a long time.

BTW, I am already deeply in love with the new MLB Network. The rebroadcast of the Don Larsen "Perfect Game" was fantastic.

Sources have the Braves considering Andy Petitte. How weird would that be, to see Andy in a Brave uniform?

And finally, we have another problem for the New York Giants. Apparently, they have a fan, one
Sondra Fortunato, who' to say this.....extremely well endowed.....who came to their last game, wearing a Santa Claus outfit, a tiara, fishnet stockings, a bathing suit bottom and high-heeled boots. Considering the outfit to racy, they asked her to leave. Here's the self-proclaimed "Queen of Jersey" speaking about the incident:

"You couldn't even see my underwear."

Come on, you couldn't even see the unmentionables! Now, people, here's a picture of Sondra. I ask you, do you see anything wrong?


Travis said...

I have less of a problem with that than I do the drunk dudes swearing up and down around the little kids who are there. In fact I encourage her.

ABS said...

yeah, shes like 90 years old

also, people who think Mangini is Hitler have a short memory about the Coslet/Kotite years.

P-Cat said...

yeah, I was just joking about her. And I agree, swearing like a sailor in front of kids is wrong.

And ABS, Kotite is a name that will burn in my mind forever.

Pete S said...

I'll grant that it's in questionable taste to swear in front of young people. However, football is an extremely violent sport where players beat each other senseless. Does it make watching the game that much more civilized to not hear foul language down as you watch Ray Lewis take someone's head off? If I avoid the F Bombs but still scream "Kill him" or boo a player who just got crushed, does that make the game appropriate for children? No, it doesn't. I don't think people who take young children to a football game have the right to expect that the language will be PG-13 when you're watching R rated hitting and violence. Wait for baseball season and take your kids to those games. Just not in the Bronx.

Travis said...

Football, basketball, etc, every sporting event has problems with cussing around children (Heck I have been one of those drunk jerks before). So, I don't give football a pass because it is a violent game.