Wednesday, January 21, 2009


In a remarkable year in sports where the Giants beat a perfect team, Nadal defeated the King of tennis in a match for the ages and the Rays went from a decade of last place to the World Series—it shouldn't surprise that the Cardinals are on their way to the Super Bowl. Sports is incredible; what a year.

Now that the World baseball Classic rosters have been announced, there's an interesting mix on the American team, where the reigning MVP, Duston Pedroia is playing alongside Hall-of-Famer Derek Jeter. Which brought up an interesting comparison to mind; that being Jeter's 2006 season when he came in second in the MVP voting (with some idiotic talk of his "lack of leadership" playing a role in the voting) as compared to Pedroia's season. Here are some stats:

Jeter 2006:
BA: .343 OBP: .417 SLG: .483 HRS: 14 RBI: 97 SB: 34 OPS+: 132 Times on Base: 295

Pedroia 2008:
BA: .326 OBP: .376 SLG: .493 HRS: 17 RBI: 83 SB: 20 OPS+: 122 Times on Base: 270

So a significantly higher BA, higher OBP and OPS+, more RBI, more SB and more times on base. I guess, Pedroia must be one heck of a "leader" on his team for his weaker numbers to get the MVP.

Generally feel good about Rex Ryan becoming head of the Jets this week. He was due for the big chair job, and the team fits his style of play. However, the big question is, does he play nice with Brett Farve, or try to show him the door. The wise play would be to get a QB of his own and start fresh in that department.

Forget the crazy rumors of Ryan braining Ray Lewis with him to the Jets. A better, more low-cost option. Getting the Raven's free agent Jim Leonard to shore up the other safety spot next to Kerry Rhodes.

As much as I love and respect Bill Parcells, I'm getting tired of each and every year, the will he/won't he leave whatever job he's in nonsense. Bill, please. Take a job and stick to it.

Why haven't the Mets taken a flier on Ben Sheets? I know he's injured a lot, but really, sign him to a decent contract and take whatever he can offer. You guys need something after Santana and Maine.

Not that I would personally sit in Yankee Stadium on New Year's Day, but I love the idea of hockey at Yankee Stadium.

For my money, I think Al Leiter is one of the best broadcasters in the business today. A great pickup for the new MLB Network.

And finally, in a bizarre story, a man is using the dreadful Detroit Lions as a basis for a play. Using the 0-16 season as a metaphor for the struggles of middle-class life, the play, "Lions," is about enduring the unendurable; the struggles against imminent failure. And despite all this, the playwright insists that his play isn't a comedy. "The lone consistent is that every football Sunday brings another Lions game and another opportunity for escape."

And I ask, escape into what?

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Pete S said...

Great comparison between Jeter and Pedroia, but Jeter fell victim to his status as a baseball icon. He is not capable of generating blockbuster numbers anymore. He will never be a better player than he was only a few years ago. Pedrioa, on the other hand, is on his way up. The voters elected the best player on an up and coming team. These votes have to be taken in context.

Rex Ryan will run a good defense and a cooperative Favre will generate points. "Cooperative" in my mind means that he get used to throwing the ball OOB when there is nobody open. If the Jets are to be a defensive team, then spending less time on the field will be key. Turnovers prevent that from happening. You're right P-Cat, Brett should tone it down or step aside. And no Ray Lewis, please. He should retire aa a member of the Ravens. e have enough unsolved crimes involving deadly weapons in NY.

Parcells ego is only outmatched by his belly. He'll always be a mercenary. However, He's the best damn mercenary the NFL has. Let him do it - he makes mediocre teams better.

Ben Sheets with 15 quality starts is a win for the Mets. Get him in there. He may hold up for the year, and the body of work will be solid.


Al Leiter is money. He went from hard throwing lefty to cut fastball control pitcher after a nasty injury. He pitched in the post season very well and has seen it all. He has a great demeanor and truly seems to enjoy talking baseball with the viewers - not the other guys in the booth. He is the cream of the crop.

The Lions metaphor is correct (in that it is a metaphor). I suppose every week the Lions' slight chance of winning gave their fans hope. Here's the question, after an 0-16 season, is there any hope?
It reminds me of Kafka, and since I'm not required to read Kafka anymore, I'm taking a pass on this one.