Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Joe Torre....what the hell? For over a decade, you were the closest Baseball has ever gotten to an Atticus Finch. Who knew you had a tude!!! Airing dirty laundry about "A-Fraud" and Cashman not having your back? Sounds like somebody was angry......Still, I think Mike Vaccaro writing for the New York Post says it best. First, Vaccaro quotes Torre:
"I think each of us, when we slip into this uniform, it changes you because it's all about being a part of something bigger than all of us, better than all of us," you said that day, in your spring-training office at Legends Field in Florida. "When you represent the Yankees, you represent some of the greatest things there is: baseball,
New York City, class, dignity."

Now Vaccaro's statement:

This book of yours, "The Yankee Years," is that classy, Joe? Does it dignify what those 12 remarkable years were to baseball, to this city and, not incidentally, to your career? Was it necessary to air the fact that his teammates call Alex Rodriguez — an awfully easy target, by the way, Joe, and also a guy who won two MVPs while playing for you — "A-Fraud," or to liken him to the crazed Jennifer Jason Leigh character in "Single White Female"?

True. Really, there's no reason to write this book except to "get back." There's no money you needed, no anything. Except to settle a score. And now, Joe, you're down to the level of the people you supposedly are so angry at.

It's gotta be strange for Vince Young and Matt Leinart right about now. The saviours of their franchises just a couple years ago, now deeply and steadfastly backups behind a couple of graybeards who's best days where supposedly behind them. Ouch.

Sooooo, Manny. Still think there's no consequences in your "just being Manny?"

I think Herm Edwards might be better on the college level. I don't think he would agree with me and will probably try to hang around as a D-coordinator till he tries again at the head job. Just my opinion, but to me his style just seems better at the college level.

This just in....Jake Peavy still may be traded to the Cubs. At some point.....

Just a gut instinct....look for Jon "Chuckie" Gruden to bounce back next year. Try San Diego next season after Norv Turner gets canned.

If Federer and Nadal both make it to the final at the Australian Open, damn right I'm gonna be DVR-ing it.

Think a few people will be watching the Duke-Wake Forest game coming up on he 28th? Heck with the beatdown Duke put on Maryland (85-44; Maryland scored 15 pts in the first half), I'm starting to think this might be a Blue Devil year.

And finally, Reggie Miller said the Celtics have contacted him about coming out of retirement. They tried last year to get Miller to return, unsuccessfully and are trying again this year. Please, Reggie, do us all a favor and let us remember your sweet jumper when you were able to play, and not some old guy who really should be on the recliner, having a beer.

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Travis said...

I would rather see Reggie trying a comeback than hearing him as an "analyst". I think he is just awful.