Sunday, February 22, 2009

The 5 Best Offseason Pickups

So following the previous article, The Worst Offseason Pickups, naturally I should follow up with the five best. Thanks to those who commented on whether they liked my Worst Pickups —or disagreed with it—I appreciate the feedback. Anyway, without further delay, the 5 best offseason pickups.

Bobby Abreu: Los Angeles Angels 1 year/$5 million
An amazing pickup. For just 5 million, the Angels got a guy who's a solid 20/20 man and will bat around .300—what a deal, especially since he was expecting a 3-30 million type deal when offseason started. The Angels waited until his price dropped and got a low-risk, high reward contract.

Andy Petitte: New York Yankees 1 year/$5.5 million
Instead of 10 million, the Yankees didn't panic and waited until Petitte's price dropped and end up paying about half that, which is what they should pay for a nice veteran lefty 5th starter, who still has a few more hard sinkers in him. A nice signing.

Pat Burrell Tampa Bay Rays 2 years/16 million
Fits perfectly into what the Rays need. A power DH who can drive in runs and offer punch to the Rays lineup that could use it. Also fits in as a backup outfielder. For the budget-conscious Rays, Burrell was a solid signing rather at 8 million per and just what their lineup needed.

Raul Ibanez: Philadelphia Phillies 3 years/31.5 million
The man who replaces Burrell fits the Phillies perfectly. A better fielder will fit perfectly into the Phillies lineup and should thrive: About .300, 25-30 HRs and about 115 RBIs. Not bad for 10 million a year.

Dayan Viciedo: Chicago White Sox 4 years/10 million
The White Sox jumped in on the Viciedo right away and pulled out a blue chip from Cuba. Baseball America hails Viciedo as a young (19 years old) prospect with excellent power and hitting ability." According to BA, Viciedo has "slugged over .500 two of the last three seasons in Cuba’s Serie Nacional, its top-level league, hitting 14 homers in 2005-2006—as a 16-year-old," and has a power arm, ideal for 3rd base. Together with last year's signing of Alexei Ramirez, the White Sox have a young and talented left side of the infield—if not this year, then very soon.

That's the 5. Let's hear what you think.


Pete S said...

Ibanez is risky for 3 years at $10 mill per. When compared to Abreu's contract, it seems like an iffy decision. If they had gotten some big incentive clauses put in there, then it would have made more sense to me. He's definitely a good ball player if he holds up, though.

Wasn't Pettitte's signing was more him turning the Yankees $10 mill down than the Yankees being patient? I may be wrong there, but I thought I read articles calling Pettitte greedy.

I thought Brad Penny was a good risk at $5 mill even though he has had arm trouble. So was Smoltz, if he has any gas left. In the end, the Yankees getting Pettitte for about the same money is a better value, though. If any of the 3 pitchers get hurt or aren't effective, who cares? These signings were smart moves with little risk.

P-Cat said...

Right about Petitte. But I just liked the fact that the Yankees didn't panic and sign someone to a huge contract when Petitte initally turned them down.

i don't know. i like the Ibane signing. i think in that lineup he is going to do great things. He had good numbers in Seattle. In Philly, he should do even better.

Penny, Smolt and Baldelli I thought we nice pickups for Boston. They would have been number 6, 7 and 8 on my list.

Pete S said...

I forgot about Baldelli. I always liked him - 5 tool guy with bad luck.