Monday, February 9, 2009


According to and their "Griddy Awards" given to the best football announcers, Cris Collinsworth was the best Game Analyst of the year. Seriously? The guys they had in third, Ron Jaworski and Phil Simms, to me, are way most interesting and far less annoying than Collinsworth. Heck, I guess everyone's got an opinion, but to even my wife finds Collinsworth annoying.

More football: Great "Finally someone said it!" article in today's New York Daily News. The gist is, the Jets shouldn't sign Ray Lewis because his skills are deteriorating and he would have a cap-busting bonus attached to his salary.
The Jets have a new coach, a promising coach, and they need to think long term. They have cap issues this year, and they're going to have some big players coming up for free agency in a year or two - Leon Washington, Nick Mangold, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, David Harris, et al. Save the money for them. The Jets should worry about developing their own Ray Lewises instead of trying to steal fading versions of the originals.
Yes. If Ryan wants to go after a former player, go after his former safety, Jim Leonard. He's younger, on the rise, fills a need and would be a heck of a lot cheaper.

Could Farve please retire please?

OK, the A-Rod story. As a lot of announcers have said, it is beyond disappointing. Mainly because he was supposed to be the guy that cleaned up all those records Barry Bonds sullied. He was the Mr. Clean, who would do baseball proud. No....he's not.

And this business about coming clean? Some sports writers wrote that A-Rod should come clean and all would be forgiven like Andy Petitte. Ummmm no. Andy was a quiet guy that people liked, didn't date Madonna, or a stripper, and didn't earn a salary equivalent to the government's stimulus package. He was easy to forgive for some people. A-Rod. Not so much. "If he tries to fight this, he is done," said LA Dodgers third-base coach Larry Bowa, who was close to Rodriguez when Bowa had the same job with the Yankees. Maybe so, Mr. Bowa. But the world will never forgive Rodriguez like they did Petitte.

Wait....they played the Pro Bowl yesterday?

OK, after praising the Daily News, now we have to bury them. For the silliest article in the universe. If the Yankees couldn't get rid of Jason Giambi, who admitted under oath that he took steroids, writer Bill Madden says the Yankees should dump A-Rod (would love to see the Palyer's Union response to that), and eat the $270 million!!!!

Look, even if they wanted to, there would be no way it would be allowed. And the idea that the Yankees, having trouble selling all those corporate boxes, would eat 270 million, is not only silly. It's asinine.

Some good news. At least we wont be seeing Pac-Man anymore, unless, of course, we head into a strip club.

And lastly, the geniuses at The Onion have started a new sports version of their web site. Below, see a screen grab of the home page. The funniest thing, right off the bat, is the titles for the sections, on the site. The tabs go, BASEBALL, BASKETBALL, FOOTBALL, MOTORSPORTS, and then, under one tab, WOMEN'S SPORTS/SOCCER

A page after my own heart.


Pete S said...

I don't know how they picked Collinsworth either. For a speed receiver who did not have all that long a career (8 seasons and many injuries), he barks a lot about toughness. He was not, by any measure, a tough player. Shannon Sharpe is worse, but Collinsworth is definitely annoying. How about Troy Aikman? He's great, although I hate to admit it because he was a Cowboy. He was tough, too. In spades.

I agree P-Cat, Lewis is too old. Let someone else take the risk and pay the money.

A-Rod seemed sorry for the whole thing. I forgive him...he was on the Rangers. I wanna see the list of over 100 players that tested positive. The over / under on the number of Texas Rangers juicing during that era is probably in the in the low 20's on a 30 man roster.

You and Bill Maddon should switch places. I know you never would have come up with anything like the Yankees eating A-Rod's contract. Geez Louise.

Gotta love The Onion.

P-Cat said...

Thanks Pete, for the comments. And yeah, Liz can't stand Collinsworth; thinks he's a phony. And Aikman, while I like and think he adds some good points, I really like Jaworski and Simms. Even if I don't agree with them, i respect their points.

I love The Onion

Michele said...

A-Rod is an A-Hole.

P-Cat said...

No arguments, Michele.

Travis said...

Pete, in less than 5 minutes I had a full roster of Rangers who have been accused of using steroids just off of the top of my head. That included a DH, Starting Pitcher, and a closer.
I heard that in Joe Torre's new book he was saying that Rick Helling was one of the players every year in front of the player's union saying how the union should do something about steroids. Any guesses as to what team he was playing for at that time?

Finally, the old Ranger's beat writer was on the radio today, and one of items he mentioned that stood out to me was he said he talked to Lou Pinella right after the Rangers signed A-Rod, and he told Fraley that A-Rod maybe getting too big to play shortstop.