Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Farve From Heaven

So, Brett has retired. This time for good. We think.

This web site has been hard on Farve for a variety of reasons—all of which we feel was justified. His treatment of the Packers in general and his former teammates—especially Aaron Rodgers—last season was, at best, selfish. He held his team hostage while he "mulled this retirement thing over," for almost half a decade. And while his play in recent years has been erratic, he was treated by the media, and everyone in general, as a king. And he retired, certainly, at least a year to late—don't even get us started on his swan dive with the Jets.

That said, he was a great quarterback in his time. And while, yes the Jets' dive late last season was hugely his fault, the reason they were even in the playoff hunt was also on his shoulders. That he had million dollar talent—if not a five cent head, at times—should be unquestioned. He could pass his team into (as well as out of) any game, at any time. He is in the top 10, if not no. 1, in almost every important QB statistic in the NFL. And, the fact that he never missed a game, ever, in the hyperviolent game of football, should make Cal Ripkin's record look downright silly.

Secretly, the Jets should feel mixed emotions right now. Now, with 13 million off the books, they should breath a sigh of relief—the cap issues are gone. Now, though, who leads the team? Brett Ratliff? Kellen Clemens? Mark Sanchez? J. P. Losman? Oooof. Scary to think about. Hey Brett, are you serious about this whole retirement thing?

I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Brett Farve—those Wrangler commercials don't make themselves—and he was never one to shy away from a microphone. However, surprisingly, the fact that we won't see him on a football field ever again makes me a little sad. Truly, an era has ended.

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JP Losman, please no...that's not even nice to discuss.