Monday, February 2, 2009


So, in the poll I had to the side, the best Super Bowl moment was last year's David Tyree catch. After last night, that might have changed.

Off topic, the best commercial of the night: Easy. Careerbuilder "Hate Going To Work" commercial was by far the best one of the night.

So, the game was pretty much what we expected: Larry Fitzgerald breaks it for two TDs. Kurt Warner hit lots of short passes to try and beat the blitz, but the Arizona defense was just a little too weak to effectively stop Big Ben, though they did put up a great fight. Overall, a magnificent Super Bowl.

In other news, if you missed the Nadal-Federer 5-hour Australian Open missed the second best tennis match of the past 2 years. An incredible and ridiculous display of talent from those two guys. Just amazing and fun to watch—what sports should be.

With about 10 days to go till pitchers and catchers report, it is amazing that so many good free agents are still available. And it's not even just Manny Ramirez and his head case problems, but Oliver Perez, Bobby Abreu, Ben Sheets, Orlando Hudson, and so on. And while there should be a flurry of signings as Spring Training starts, it is amazing that so much talent is just sitting there and teams wont spend the cash on them.

The rumor of the day in the NFL, is that with Scott Pioli in Kansas City now, that Matt Cassell should get some maps to Arrowhead Stadium. Which, sure, make sense: the Chiefs need a QB and the Patriots are paying two starter money. But I can't see how a compensation deal gets worked out in this scenario. Maybe it does, but it'll take a lot of work.

That roughing the holder penalty was ridiculous. "Roughing the Holder?" What's next? "Illegal use of Pom-Pom" by the cheerleader? Refs, it's a tough game. Just let them play it.

I said last week how weird it is that Vince Young and Matt Leinart are backups despite being portrayed as the NFL poster boys of the future. Now we hear that Kerry Collins is most likely going to be resigned in Tennessee for starter money, and everybody is saying Kurt Warner should come back next year after his MVP-type season. Vince and Matt must be getting a bitter taste in their mouths right about now.

With National Signing Day right around the corner, let me just ask this? Why was Pete Caroll upset that Mark Sanchez left. he's got like, 14 other 5-star QBs on his roster. I mean geez, Pete, just keep quiet? How come you guys ever lose a game with all the talent you guys pull?

And lastly, I know it's a cliche, but really...the Cardinals have nothing to be ashamed about.Every step of the way in the playoffs, they were doubted. And they won. And yesterday, they gave the vaunted Pittsburgh Steelers everything they could handle. Congrats to Kurt Warner, Darnell Dockett, Larry Fitzgerald and everybody. Well done.


Travis said...

Couldn't the Pats just franchise Cassell this year? That would be the smart thing to do. That way they could make sure Brady's knee was okay before they had to make a decision.

P-Cat said...

I think they are going to, Trav. but with them both making something like 15 million each, the Pats would be spending 30 million on one position, with half of that being in the backup role. So the buzz is they might franchise him with the thought of trading him.

Pete S said...

Good point on Nadal Federer. That was awesome just like the Wimbeldon match. They're both machines, and it seems like all their matches come down to a mistake or two. Incredible.

I think you're right on the money - PAtriotss have an interesting problem.

P-Cat said...

Hey thanks Pete. Always great to hear from you. Can't wait till pitchers and catchers report, myself. Even watching A-ball kids shag some flies would be ok with me.