Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here'e Jeter and Posada at the A-Rod Press Conference/spectacle/circus. Can't you just feel the compassion and brotherhood oozing from Jeter and Posada? Can't you see how much they love A-Rod and want to be there for him?

I get the feeling Josh Hamilton wont have the killer season he had last year. Why? Who bats cleanup behind him now that Milton Bradley is gone? Nelson Cruz who's never batted clean-up in the major leagues? David "Who Dat?" Murphy? The shell of a human once known as Andruw Jones? Hamilton might not see a fastball all year.

Here's an under-the-radar trade that might have just given the Vikings the NFC championship. The Vikings picked up QB Sage Rosenfels from the Texans for a 4th round pick. In other words, for a low cost pick, they might have gotten the stable QB they needed to run their offense. Though the deal isn't officially completed, all signs point to it being a done thing. Which is great news for the Vikings. Last year, both Gus Frerrote and Tavaris Jackson passed for a 59.1 completion rating. Sage, behind a much worse offense line than Minny's passed for a 66.7 completion rating—though he did toss 10 interceptions. Sage also passed for 8.2 yards per pass attempt, which would have been good enough for 2nd in the league had he had enough attempts to qualify. Not saying Rosenfels is the 2nd coming of Bart Starr and the Vikings now have the Super Bowl sewn up, but he is a lot more promising than anything they had on roster. And for a 4th rounder, that's not too shabby.

Just last week, I asked why nobody ever posited the theory of Big Papi doing steriods. Well, finally, somebody did. The Boston Globe this week questioned Big Papi about his relation to Angel Presinal, a "trainer" who has been banned from all clubhouses in the MLB due to his links with steriods. Papi said all he did was train with Presinal at a gym in the Dominican Republic during the off-season. Asked whether he knew about any involvement Presinal had with steroids, Ortiz said, "Those are things that are at another level." OK, Not sure what that means, but Papi continues:
"You've got to do what you've got to do. You've got to know what can cause you problems and you have to deal with that. I only see him when I'm down there working out, like everyone else," said Ortiz. "It's not his facility but he knows how to train people and teaches us how to do exercise and things like that. But, like I said, you are the owner of your own decision. It's sad that he's involved in things like this."
Like I wrote last week, I'm not accusing Bibg Papi of taking steroids or anything like that. But with so much circumstantial evidence going against him (the massive weight gain, the associations with known dealers, the body breaking down), I'm glad at least somebody is asking the questions.

Oh goodie. Golf is back.

Interesting tidbit from Pro Football Weekly. Tom Coughlin put an end to any potential controversy by saying that Mathias Kiwanuka will remain a DE and not switch back to OLB—which would have been his third position switch in 3 years. Here's PFW:
With DE Osi Umenyiora set to return in 2009 following last season’s knee injury, and with the Giants likely looking for playmakers at outside linebacker, it might be tempting to project Mathias Kiwanuka, who played strong-side linebacker two years ago but defensive end last season, back to a two-point stance. Based on what we’re hearing, don’t buy into it. The Giants won Super Bowl XLII with three studs at end — Michael Strahan, Umenyiora and Justin Tuck — and likely will go into next season with a Umenyiora-Tuck-Kiwanuka trio. That would allow new defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan to do what former coordinator Steve Spagnuolo did, and that was move Umenyiora and Tuck inside at times and put all three of his best pass rushers on the field at once. Assuming that’s the plan, the Giants would like to find another “Sam” linebacker to compete with Danny Clark and get a little younger there. Kiwanuka also could be used to stand up in special packages or drop in zone pressures because of his prior experience doing so.
I think this is the right move for the Giants. Aside from confusing and frustrating a talented young player with constant position changes, it will keep the DEs fresh and gives the Ginats the potential to change up their scheme. Smart move Coughlin.

Damn. Adding this manchild, David Price to the Rays rotation is crazy. 109 ks in 110 innings in the minors last year, and a .929 WHIP while pitching in the playoffs for the first time. And Tamps is placing him in the low-tension 5th starter spot behind Kazmir, Shields, Garza and Sonnanstine. Just unfair.

Lastly, with Glavine, Griffey and Giambi all going back to their original teams, shouldn't Nomar Garciaparra head back to Boston? Not likely, but it would have been fun, at least to see him pout again in the Red Sox dugout when he wasn't playing.


Pete S said...

Great post. I think you are right on the money about Big Papi. In looking at the Twins baseball card you posted and recent photos, I never realized how much bigger Ortiz got relatively quickly.

The Jeter / Posada photo is absolutely classic. One of the funniest you have put out there.

It's funny you brought Kiwanuka up because I can remember Dallas exploiting him unmercifully with Witten when Kiwanuka was an OLB at the beginning of the 2007 season. It was ridiculous.

P-Cat said...

Thanks for the comments Pete. Glad you liked the Jeter photo. I couldn't stop laughing myself when I first saw it.

Great memory with the Witten exploiting Kiwanuka. And yeah, it seems to me he should def be a rush DE rather than an OLB. just not luid enough to be an OLB.

Travis said...

I loved the Vikings' move to pick up Rosefels. He is really solid, and should give defenses just a little worry that he can make some plays to open it up more for Peterson.

I don't know who will hit behind Josh Hamilton either, but before he got hurt last year David Murphy was having a decent year. If Hank Blalock can stay healthy (a big IF) then I can see him taking that role.

As for Ortiz, after having read "Game of Shadows" I'll just assume everyone is using something and be that cynical.