Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trade Proposals

This week, I proposed a three-way trade between the Jets, Browns and Broncos. And......I took some flak for it. However, I stand by it; Cleveland gets a pick and older players whom Mangini trusts. The Broncos get a new young QB and a pick. And the Jets get a talented, young QB, who performed fairly well despite an awful defense.

Mother said I was a slower learner; here are some more proposals for trades I think some teams should make.

Cleveland Browns trade Shaun Rogers to the Green Bay Packers for Jordy Nelson and 4th round pick.
Let's stick with the Browns. Shaun Rogers, malcontent, wants out of Cleveland. He played well this year, and now is making noise about feeling "unappreciated" (wants more money). If Mangini wants to make a show of who's in charge in Cleveland and take over the locker room, he can trade Rogers for someone younger, talented and who catch the ball—something the Browns could use, especially if their get rid of Braylon Edwards. Cleveland could then take B.J. Raji in the 1st round or Ron Brace in the 2nd round to play the nose position. In return the Browns get a young receiver with some speed and room to grow. They also get back a 4th round pick—they traded theirs last year—which they need because they only had 5 picks in this draft. For the Packers, Rogers is exactly what they need. The Packers are switching to a 3-4 defense and need a big man with experience at the nose. Rogers is an animal in the 3-4 and had 4.5 sacks from his nose position. He would be a perfect fit as the packers input their 3-4 defense—and this frees up their first round pick to plug in another hole on their team. Overall, the trade makes sense for both teams. The Browns get rid of a malcontent who's easily replaced, pick up a talented young receiver and a needed draft pick. The Packers get the rock and lynchpin for their new defense. A win all around.

St Louis Rams trade Leonard Little to the New Orleans Saints for a 2nd round pick in 2009 draft and a conditional pick in the 2010 draft.
A rare inter-divisional trade, but one that benefits both teams. Firstly the Rams. They are in full-blown rebuilding mode. A new coach, new philosophy...and new players. Nothing against Leonard Little—in fact he is a remarkable and underrated pass-rusher—but he will be 35 this upcoming season, and the Rams are nowhere near contending for anything. With whispers of La'Roi Glover possibly retiring, Coach Steve Spagnolo will have room to start refashioning the Rams defense to his liking. And that might mean trading Little for whatever he can get. Meanwhile the Saints are built to win now. Drew Brees is setting Fouts-ian type passing yards, but the defense is letting him down. Last year, the Saints were 24th in the league with only 28 sacks. Recent first-round picks, Will Smith and Charles Grant only mustered 6 sacks between them—or the same amount Leonard Little 10 games. Little knows how to get after the QB, period. Something the Saints could use. Trading a second round pick for a known commodity, and a proven pass-rusher is not a lot to give up. And the Rams could use the pick. A fair trade all around.

Kansas City Chiefs trade Tony Gonzalez and 4th round draft pick to Philadelphia Eagles for Philadelphia's 2nd 1st Round pick (no. 28).
Poor Tony Gonzalez. Arguably the best pass-catching tight end in football history; he doesn't deserve to end his career like this. And if the Chiefs are well as shrewd, they could give Tony a chance to play for a reason, while getting something for him in the bargain.
Last year, L.J Smith led all Eagles tight ends with 37 receptions. Not really that great, but don't worry; he signed with the Ravens. That leaves Brent Celek and Matt Schobel as the Eagle's tight ends—with a combined 29 receptions. Donovan McNabb, Andy Reid and the Eagles need to win now, if they are ever going to. And 29 receptions aren't going to cut it. back when McNabb was winning a ton of ball games, he could rely on guys like Chad Lewis at the tight end position. Neither Schobel nor Celek are Chad Lewis. If Philadelphia wants to compete seriously for a NFC title, they need to give McNabb a reliable target at the TE. Last season, with Tyler Thigpen and Brodie Croyle throwing him passes, Gonzalez caught 96 passes and had 10 TDs. Or 6 more than all the Eagle TEs combined. The number 28 pick is not cheap, but is a reasonable price for 96 catches, and a legitimate chance to get deep in the playoffs. And the Eagles have the number 21 pick in the first round anyway. Solid trade all around.

Dallas Cowboys trade Bobby Carpenter and Anthony Spencer and a 4th round pick to the Cleveland Browns for Braylon Edwards.
Bill Parcells likes linebackers. So much so that when he was head coach of Dallas he drafted a ton of them. Some worked out, some didn't. Bobby Carpenter and Anthony Spencer are two young linebackers who while athletic and talented, haven't fit in Dallas. One could argue especially in Spencer's case, because they buried behind good players. Spencer was a demon at Purdue, making tackles, forcing fumbles, batting passes and sacking the QB 10.5 times his season year. Carpenter also was a great college player, what the kids call a "throwback" player. And Edwards was considered a can't-miss prospect when he came out of Michigan. And while all are gifted 1st round picks, all 3 have to be considered a little disappointing. All 3 could use a change of scenery and new opportunities. The Browns could use linebacker depth (recent signees David Bowens and Eric Barton are solid if not outstanding, and aren't young) not to mention pressure from the 3-4 OLB position. Aside from Kamerion Wimbley (who's sack totals have dropped each year as opposing teams have learned his moves), who notched 4 sacks from his OLB, the rest of the Browns linebackers totaled 6 sacks, and 1 of those left the building when Willie McGinest wasn't resigned. Spencer and Carpenter bring youth and energy, as well as potential, to the Browns who could use it. Dallas, who just cut Terrell Owens and his 69 catches, are left with a total of 73 catches from last year's wide receiver corp. They now have Patrick Crayton penciled in as a starting wide receiver. It seems apparent that Dallas could use some help. Unfortunately, the Boys don't have a 1st round pick. They do however, have a surfeit of able linebackers. And Edwards, while not living up to a number 4 pick, isn't a bad receiver, and could help Dallas in certain packages. This could be considered a trade of disappointments, and maybe it is. But it also makes sense as fresh starts and the needs of each team could help these players reach their potentials.

That's it. Each trade makes sense. If these teams made these trade, they would help their ball clubs prepare for the new season. Probably never happen tho.


Travis said...

If I were the Cowboys I would make the Edwards trade, but I think the Browns would be insane to do that. Dallas has thought so little of Carpenter, he doesn't even get on special teams every game.

P-Cat said...

I hear you Travis. But Spencer is the big ticket in the trade. He's actually a legitimate talent. He just can't get into the game because of the people ahead of him. And its not like Edwards is rockin' the word anyways. LOL. Thanks for the writeback.