Monday, March 16, 2009


Love Selection Sunday. Love the tension and waiting to see who made it in. That said, what the heck is the NCAA doing with the brackets?! No, I don't mean leaving St. Mary's out and keeping Arizona in. I mean the locations. How are East bracket games being played in Boise? Or South bracket games being played in Portland, Oregon? Or West games being played in Philadelphia? What the heck....just really weird

Even admitting I don't know the full story and all the ins and outs and whatnot, I find myself comfortable saying this: Ahem. Jay Cutler...Grow the heck up. Report to frickin' camp and do your job.

All 3 followers of this blog (Hi, Mom!) know that we fell soccer is not a sport; or at the least, the most boring sport ever (golf is a skill, not a sport). However, this clip admittedly is pretty cool. Just goes to show...even a stopped clock is right at least once a day. And even a boring game can be fun once a century.

Chipper, Cano, Pedroia, Braun, Marte, Lindstrom. What's the connection? All hurt during the World Baseball Classic. Nothing against the WBC—some of the games were actually exciting—but I can't see this situations continuing as is. The second a Derek Jeter type gets seriously hurt, the games will be filled in with kids from AA-ball. And no real prospects at that.

Not that I think there is any big conspiracy or that we need to probe and investigate—or do we?—but really. Matt Cassell and Mike Vrabel for a no. 2? And that's it?! Not even another low pick, or one of the Chiefs adequate young corners—which the Patriots need desperately? Not to start a big Watergate-type conspiracy, but it seems odd that the Patriots didn't get more for the talent they gave up.

A web site asks the eternal question all of humanity has pondered: Can Kei Igawa ever be traded? Obviously the Yankees would have to eat money for that to happen, and a National League team would probably have to be the trader team, but considering the Spring Training he's having (9 IP, 0 ER), and the pretty good year he had at AAA last year, and the dearth of quality starting pitching, you would think somebody would at least nibble around the Yankees.

Last week, this blog had a poll about what would Terrell Owens next move be? Would he play for the Giants, Redskins, etc, or would he be on a reality show. By the end of the week, the poll had him going into reality TV; however, Owens signed with the Bills, rending our poll incorrect. Well, hold the phones.

Love this time of year for this kind of speculations. Right now there are rumors of a Detroit Lions—Jay Cutler trade, potentially for the No 20 pick and maybe some players. Which, Cutler's pouty-ness aside, makes perfect sense. Cutler is a known commodity—maybe not Peyton Manning, but a talented, young QB—and not the expensive risk a Matthew Stafford would be. And then the Lions can spend their first pick—on an Aaron Curry or one of the top OTs—and fill one of the other of myriad of holes the Lions have on their roster.

And lastly, you may have already heard about this, but if you haven't you should. No words could do it justice, so just watch.


Pete S said...

Wow! Charlie Weis seems to really enjoy live music and performance. It shouldn't come as such a surprise after all the years of slave girls and alien bands that he had playing for him inside his gangster liar on Tattooine. (Rimshot!)

Travis said...

Who knew Belichik could smile?

Cutler? What a cry baby. Has he never followed the NFL before? Any team will trade anybody for the right price. It's a business dude, act like a professional.

Soccer: I love playing, can watch it though.

P-Cat said...

Nice Pete. Good comment on the enormous ballcoach at ND. And Travis. Wish I could like soccer. I tried. So I made my peace with just hating it.