Monday, March 30, 2009


To all those who said this year's NCAAs were "boring", ummm, did you see Villanova's win over Pitt?

Although almost everybody knew it was probably going to happen, it still was a little shocking when the Rays sent down David Price. After all, Price gave up just 1 run and had 10 Ks in 8.1 inning. He looked completely dominating. Still, the common wisdom is that the Rays will do what they did with Longoria and bring him up part way through the season so as to keep his rights arbitration-free for an extra season.

And more Florida baseball....the Marlins finally got the funding they need for the baseball stadium they've been complaining about for years. Hopefully now, this gets built and they get the fan support they want and they wont fire sale their team every 3-4 years.

Interesting Belichek-ian moves from Scott Pioli in Kansas City. Word is that the reason the talent-starved Chiefs haven't signed any big-name free agents in favor instead of bringing in experienced veterans is for two reasons. First off, the Chiefs want mentors for their recent draft picks—and that was one of the main reasons they recently signed 36-year-old WR Bobby Engram, who’s expected to take Dwayne Bowe under his wing in addition to providing a decent option in the slot. By opting for older, low-key guys instead of the marquee stars, Pioli is sending the message that K.C. isn’t looking for players who might think they’re bigger than the team. All well and good, but they better hope somebody lights a fire under DT Glenn Dorsey's bum—Mike Vrabel?—because the beginning and end of their problem on defense starts with that awful defensive front.

You know, I would like a better college football ranking system as much as any body, but does Congress really have the time to do this. Really guys, is this the most pressing matter we have in America now?

And from the ridiculous to the truly sublime. In an act of selflessness not seen in sports since.....well, probably ever.....University of Oklahoma women's basketball center, Courtney Paris has stated that she will bring the NCAA's national basketball championship to Oklahoma during her time there, or that she will return her scholarship.

“This program and university have given me so much support,” said Paris, who is from Piedmont, Calif. “I feel like I want to give them something back that’s really special. If I can’t do that with a national championship, I want to give back my scholarship because I don’t feel like I’ve earned it.”

While Oklahoma hasn't said if it would hold Paris to her promise, Paris does seem serious about it. She has checked with the NCAA about the legality of her actions. And so far, so good with the promise. Oklahoma has made it to the Sweet Sixteen. While I applaud her actions, I do have to wonder what her parents think about her promise, and if they've spoken about who pays the University of Oklahoma if she gives back the scholarship?

And while I've touted them before, I'm happy to do it again. Of all the sports web sites that try for humor, The Onion Sports Network is the funniest site out there.

Look, I know a lot of web sites have the Jets taking Josh Freeman with their 1st pick in the draft—even over Mark Sanchez—and almost every single one of those sites drops the words "Joe Flacco" and "cannon arm". But let's remember another "rough young QB with a strong arm". Jeff George—name mean anything? A strong arm is great, and helps spread out the defense yes. But if the kid isn't QB savvy—and the whispers are that Freeman doesn't have the "feel" a QB needs—then he can have Thor's arm. It won't matter.

And this....just ouch.

Lastly. Yes I have my tickets for the new Yankee Stadium. And yes, I'm very excited about the new stadium and can't wait. But when I saw this image of the Old Stadium...a part of me did in fact weep.

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