Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last Minute Draft Thoughts

With the draft upon us, here's a few last minute thoughts on what teams should do.

If Cleveland really is dedicated to gutting their roster, starting over, and taking Mark Sanchez or Michael Crabtree with the 5th pick, they could do worse than offer Brady Quinn and Braylon Edwards to the Jets for their first round and a conditional later pick. The Jets need a young talent at QB, and after letting Coles go, they need a reliable WR who can run more than ever. By getting the number 17 pick (and the condition pick in 2010) and trading Edwards and Quinn, the Browns get another 1st round pick to help reform their roster and clear cap space. The Jets fill two holes with one pick.

I know the logic says, "If you're Detroit, you take Stafford with the number 1 pick." But man, had the Lions better be sure about Stafford. Matt Ryan was a true leader who made his Boston College team better than it was. Guys like Ryan, Aikman, Roethislberger—they an innate quality, a "sense" or ability about them that rises them and their teammates to a better place. The Lions better be sure, before they invest a jillion dollars into the young QB, that Stafford is one of those guys and not the second coming of Joey Harrington.

Some experts at ESPN shot this down, but with $37 million in cap room, why wouldn't the Eagles go after Julius Peppers? Carolina gets back a first round pick (albeit 28, but the Panthers don't pick until pick 59 anyway) so it makes sense for them. And for Philly, with all the cap room, and the team built to win NOW (McNabb and Westbrook don't have much time left), going after Peppers makes all the sense in the world. At least to me.

As one scout says: "How many sacks did Robert Ayers have last year? 3? And he is supposed to be a pass rusher?" Agreed. Why all the chatter about a guy who didn't exactly dominate the world?

Word is that Kansas City could be looking to not only trade Larry Johnson, but also last year's first round pick, Glenn Dorsey. Makes sense. Dorsey is a 4-3 tackle and would be a bad fit in the new 3-4 system the Chiefs are going to (think of Dewayne Robertson in the center of the Jets 3-4 system a few years back and see what we mean. Atlanta, Tampa or Tennessee might be good fits for trade partners.

Buzz is that Josh Freeman may go in the top 10. Can't see that being a good thing. Not saying he is guaranteed to fail, but in a weak crop of QBs, reaching to pick one is not recommended. Not when Freeman didn't elevate his Kansas State team and didn't show the mental acumen needed. He didn't complete 60 % of his passes last year, had 8 interceptions, and did his best work against creampuff teams—12 of his TDs came against North Texas, Montana State, Louisiana-Lafayette and Iowa State while his interceptions came against Oklahoma, Kansas and Lousiville. Oh, and aside from the Aggies, he didn't complete 60% of his passes against any Big 12 team. May be a decent player someday, but not top 10 IMO.

Another Chiefs trade. Brian Waters, who wants out of Kansas City in the worst way, to the Steelers. The Steelers need o-line help and Waters could be plugged into and make every one on their line better from minute one.

The Redskins should not give up on Jason Campbell and trade up for Mark Sanchez. Sanchez will not lead your team to the Super Bowl in year 1. And for most quarterbacks, it takes a couple of seasons to get acclimated to complicated Mike Holgren-type West Coast offense. Holgren himself said it took Hasselback and Farve at least 2-3 years to fully comprehend the system. Give Campbell another year at least to see how he develops.

How many people take slash/Qbs? And how many work out? Right. But maybe, just maybe Pat White ends that trend?

And lastly, kudos to someone saying that the Patriots could trade back a little and pick up Connor Barwin, the DE/TE hybrid from Cincinnati. They could just take Mike Vrabel's old jersey and give it to Barwin. The kid does seem like a Belichek kind of player.

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