Wednesday, April 1, 2009

MLB 2009 Winners

Just in time for the season start, lets take a look at first the Award winners for the 2009 and then the divisions and playoff winners.

AL Cy Young

1. Fausto Carmona—Got hurt last year. But will dominate this year
2. Roy Halliday—You could pencil this hoss in as a Cy Young candidate for 10 years straight.
3. Jon Lester—On the path to being an ace.
4. Eric Bedard—Bounce-back year for a guy who though injured, really didn't have that horrible year in 2008.
5. CC Sabathia—Because he is CC.

NL Cy Young
1. Brandon Webb—Winner or 2nd place in last 3 Cy Youngs. Coming into his prime.
2. Johan Santana—Perfectly suited to spacious Citi Field
3. Dan Haren—2rd in WHIP in NL last year. Perfect complement to Webb
4. Tim Lincecum—Tough to duplicate last year. Will come close.
5. Jake Peavy—ERA 2.77 at home, 3.80 on the road. Best you stay in SD, Peavy.

1. Miguel Cabrera—Will try to carry team on shoulders. Will end up having best year.
2. Josh Hamilton—Will get his full season legs back.
3. Carlos Quentin—Last year was no fluke
4. Evan Longoria—See above
5. Hank Blalock—Just a hunch. Will respond to being full time DH and being healthy by having best slugging season.


Hanley Ramierez—Can't be Pujols every year. Can it?
Albert Pujols—Is everything you'd want in a ballplayer.
David Wright—A well-rounded player who should be on this list for next decade.
Chipper Jones—If anything like last year, could be higher.
Chase Utley—Best second basemen of his generation

AL Rookie
of the Year
Matt Wieters—Early returns say he is Joe Mauer with pop.
Elvis Andrus—20 years old. And Rangers feel he is ready to start now.
David Price—You've seen him. How could he not be on this list?
Travis Snider—.301 batting average in cup of coffee last year. Toronto feels he is a legit 5-tool player.
Justin Smoak—Switch-hitter, strong wrists, good plate discipline and pitch recognition. Scouts feel he is for real.

NL Rookie of the Year
Cameron Maybin—Everybody's front-runner is a blue-chipper.
Dexter Fowler—Rockies traded Holliday to make spot for him. Had good spring.
Tommy Hanson—Had 1.08 WHIP in 3 years in minors.
Andrew McCutchen—Just 22, but ready now. 34 stolen bases in AAA-ball last year.
Colby Rasmus—Legit 5-tooler. Can hit, has power and plays a good CF.

NL East—New York Mets
NL Central—Chicago Cubs
NL West—LA Dodgers
NL Wild Card—Arizona Diamondbacks
NL Pennant—NY Mets
Could Surprise—Florida Marlins
Could Disappoint—Philadelphia Phillies

AL East—New York Yankees
AL Central—Chicago White Sox
AL West—LA Angels
AL Wild Card—Tampa Rays
AL Pennant—NY Mets
Could Surprise—Minnesota Twins
Could Disappoint—Detroit Tigers

Overall, the three big cities, New York, Chicago and LA take the top 6 positions in the playoffs. That said, the two wild cards are no slouches either, as both Tampa and Arizona could easily take a short series with the pitching they have. But honestly, with the talent stockpiled in New York, both in Citi Field and in Yankee Stadium, it should be another Subway Series. Something this city—with layoffs and rising taxes, could sorely use.

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