Monday, April 13, 2009


Really, I don't want to act like I'm the whistle blower and am shouting "The Emperor Has No Clothes!" but not an exciting sport to watch. Seriously, it's like watching a dead mouse pass into putrescence.

Great question posed by Nationals/former Marlins pitcher Scott Olsen in today's Miami Herald. in it, Olsen said:
...that Marlins players ''always wondered where that $25 million was going'' that Florida received in revenue sharing in 2008. "We're not stupid. They got more money than their $22 million payroll last year and they didn't put it into the team. Trading for Manny Ramirez might have pushed us to the playoffs last year. It's sad.''
Not to defend George Steinbrenner, but he always said this. That if you wanted to create a luxury tax to even the playing field, fine, so be it. But the money paid out by the Yankees and whichever big spending clubs get hit with the tax, has to be spent on the field. If the small markets cry poverty, and money is given to them to compete fairly against the big market clubs, then they should spend that money to compete. Otherwise it's just a handout to the owners, who cry wolf about being in a small market, but don't want to do anything themselves to help the team.

Word is the Buffalo Bills might finally trade LT Jason Peters. Last season, Peters held out until a few days before the season and seems to be doing the same again this season. With a potentially deep crop of 1st round tackles, the Bills could trade to any number of teams (Detroit, Philadelphia, Seattle) and pick up a pick in the 20-35 range, which would give the Bills 3 picks in the top 42 with which to replace Peters.

If, as the rumors suggest, and Tony Gonzalez gets traded to the Atlanta Falcons, Matt Ryan should take his HOF TE out for a huge steak dinner, because Gonzalez will save Ryan a ton of headaches his 2nd go-round through the league.

If you haven't seen the best catch of the early baseball season, check this out. And it wasn't just robbing Prince Fielder of a grand slam, he got the ball back into the infield so fast he kept a run from scoring.

I really believe the Kansas City Chiefs should trade Larry Johnson for whomever they can get. If this is the year of new coach/new G.M./new start in Arrowhead Stadium, it would be best to deal the surly running back and not have him poison the well before they even get started.

For some strange reason, I just think the Steelers might pass on drafting an offensive lineman in the first round—this despite the fact that every draft prognosticator on the planet feels they should. I just think the Steelers believe that their offensive linemen aren't as bad as they are made out to be. I happen to disagree, and so does Ben Rothisleberger and his spinal concussion.

And finally...want proof of the dearth of quality pitching nowadays. The Mariners, in a early-season sign of desperation signed Jeff Zimmerman to a minor league. Jeff Zimmerman, who hasn't pitched in the majors since 2001!!! Look, the best of luck to Zimmerman for still gutting it out and trying. But really? The first time he faces Vladimir Guerrero or Jim Thome and one of them posterizes Zimmerman with a couple of 550-foot shots, he might think, "Heck, I couldn't been on my couch making fun of the guy who gave up that bomb, instead of being that guy."


Travis said...

What could the Chiefs get for Larry Johnson? He has either been hurt or suspended the past two years.

I was shocked when I heard the Jeff Zimmerman story. More power to him if he makes it all the way back. He really only had one great half a season in Texas, when he went to the All-Star game. I am just amazed at how much his arm has gone through. Including 2(!) Tommy John surgeries. Heck he got enough money from the Rangers he shouldn't have to work again.

Great post on the luxury tax in baseball. Something I have always wondered about. One thing hockey gets right is that not only do they have a salary cap, but also a salary cellar so they have to spend a minimum to at least appear competitive.

P-Cat said...

Good question about Larry Johnson. When healthy he is a force, but true he hasn't been very healthy much. or cooperative.

And heck yes to Jeff Zimmerman. best of luck.

Trisha said...

I always find it interesting when players speak out against their former a college basketball fan? If so where do you see Johnny Flynn going in the draft?

P-Cat said...

Heck I always liked Johnny Flynn, even coming out of high school. He could anywhere from the Knicks (some compare his game to Steve Nash's when Nash was in college to low down in the 1st round. Personally, i think he'd be a pretty decent fit to Dallas at 21.